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Following the latest update of the Scottish Government Events Sector Guidance and the publishing of the Stadia and Live Events Guidance, we would like to take this opportunity to clarify our current position with respect to Live Events and to provide some additional guidance on the factors that require to be considered. Depending on the nature of what is planned, the Scottish Government's 'Performing Arts and Venues' and 'Tourism & Hospitality' Guidance may also be applicable.

It is the responsibility of the event organisers to ensure that any event complies with the current regulations and guidance in relation to Coronavirus restrictions. Whilst the Environmental Health Team will be able to offer advice and guidance, we will not be formally approving events except those for which a public entertainment licence is required.

Contact details and useful links to the relevant guidance can be found at the bottom of this web page.


To assist organisers decide if their proposed activity constitutes an event, the Scottish Government's Event Sector Guidance defines an 'event' as:

'Organised gatherings or activities of limited duration that bring people together for the primary purpose of watching or participating in a community, cultural, commemorative, recreational, sporting, art, educational, entertainment, worship or business experience. This does not include weddings or other family/ social gatherings. This also does not include minor sporting events being organised where there are no spectators permitted'.

The Highland Council Area has now moved out of Local Protection Level 0

From 9 August 2021

Outdoors events should not exceed 5000 attendees, unless granted an exemption by a local authority.

Indoor events should not exceed 2000 attendees, unless granted an exemption by a local authority.

There is now no legal requirement for physical distancing and no restriction on social gathering.

Full Guidance from Scottish Government:

For further advice and guidance, event organisers should refer to the following publications - these links are listed below:

Health and Safety - COVID-19 Advice:

For further advice event organisers should refer to the following HSE publications - these links are listed below:

Should you have any requests for advice, you can contact us by email at:

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