Key Worker Childcare Hubs

Health and Wellbeing of Children, Staff and Volunteers

The continued health and wellbeing of all is paramount.

To reduce the spread, it is the responsibility of all the ensure public health guidance is maintained and they are healthy and symptom free before presenting at the hub.

If a child, staff member or volunteer develops key symptoms whilst at the hub, separation from the group is necessary in order to prevent potential spread. In the event that a child develops symptoms, parents will be contacted, and the child returned home to a place of isolation. In the event that a member of staff or volunteer develops symptoms, they will be asked to return home to isolate in accordance with Health Protection Scotland guidance.

If symptoms persist the child/member of staff/volunteer should continue to self isolate in accordance with guidance.

In the event of an emergency situation, staff have been advised to call 999.


Children are expected to be on time and remain in the hub for the duration specified.

If a child is unable to attend through ill health, parents must phone the admin team at the hub directly to explain absence. 'No shows' will be deemed a child at risk and appropriate agencies will be contacted if we cannot ascertain nature of absence.


Parents should provide all meals, snacks and water/juice in clearly labelled containers. It is expected all rubbish will be taken home.


The hubs will not replicate a school setting. Children will be expected to bring in the work and materials that have been allocated to them through their own school and they will be supervised whilst they work through these. Where practical and safe, age appropriate activities will also be arranged. 

Children should consequently bring the following with them each day: 

  • Stationery - pens, pencils, sharpeners, rubbers etc.
  • A fully charged chromebook (if the pupil has been provided with one).
  • Any play resources for their personal use in a labelled bag to avoid sharing.
  • Clothing/footwear for indoor and outdoor activities.

Code of Conduct

Children are expected to follow all rules set out by the hub. These include the specific health and safety measures, as well as a more general code of conduct similar to expectations of children when at school. All rules will be displayed and staff will regularly remind children of these to help them stay safe and happy.

Failure to follow these rules will result in placements being withdrawn if it is deemed that health and safety of children or staff is at risk.

Social Distancing Measures

The following social distancing measures will be followed at all times:

  • Each pupil will be given a nominated classroom to attend. This will limit the number of persons who anyone may come into contact with, and reduce risk of Covid-19 spread.
  • The current basis of occupation of the hub will be the number of pupils will not exceed 20% of the stated capacity of the school, thereby ensuring sufficient space within the facility, and suitable social distancing for occupants.
  • This will also assist with management of the space being used, cleaning arrangements, and any further steps that may be necessary should any persons by diagnosed or any isolation be required.
  • If feasible the intention is to keep family groups together.
  • Pupil movement round the school will be limited.
  • The number of pupils in a classroom will be limited to approximately 8 children. This will allow pupils to be spaced out and kept at least 2m apart. However this could be very challenging for some younger children. Staff will remain vigilant, but Highland Council cannot accept responsibility for times when this rule is not followed by children or parents/carers or visitors.
  • On arrival at school pupils should go straight to their nominated classroom, and not congregate in the playground or social areas of the school.
  • Parents or carers are asked not to congregate, nor enter the school building if this can be avoided. It is recognised that on day 1, and for younger children, this may not be possible in all cases. Please ensure reasonable steps are however taken to minimise unnecessary contact with other persons, and at all times observe social distancing procedures.
  • Steps will be taken to minimise the number of pupils who are moving around the school at any one time.
  • Specific toilets will be designated for use by specific class groups.
  • The 2m rule will also be applied for any outdoor activities.
  • Only the appropriate number of chairs required for the pupils and staff within the classroom will be in place. To support distancing, and also to make it easier for any cleaning required.
  • Staff and volunteers will maintain the 2m rule when talking to pupils and not use group work in the classroom.
  • Where exercise activities are being considered, team sports should not be played. Sports that can be considered would include badminton, running, circuits etc. provided social distancing is practiced and use of changing areas controlled. The range of activities undertaken will be dependent on the staff and volunteers in place, the facilities available, age range of pupils, and suitable distancing arrangements.

Staffing Arrangements

A hub manager and deputy will be in place for each hub facility, these are being drawn from existing Head Teacher, Education Management and Childcare Manager staffing. The 'staffing' of each Hub will be based on available Council education staffing and staff volunteers, High Life Highland staff volunteers, and such other volunteers as required.All staff and volunteers will be PVG (disclosure) checked, and from a suitable background to operate in a childcare environment.

Hygiene Requirements

Good hygiene is vital to prevent the spread of this virus and regular handwashing is a key part of this.

  • Parents should reinforce the importance of handwashing to their children and provide anti-bac gel/wipes if possible.
  • Where possible classrooms with sinks should be used in preference to classrooms without sinks. If, due to the numbers attending, there are insufficient classrooms with handwashing facilities classrooms close to toilet accommodation should be used.
  • Soap, water and hand towels should be available at all wash hand basins or in toilets.
  • All pupils, staff and visitors must clean their hands either before or on entering the classroom. They must also wash hands on leaving the classroom. This must be done every time the classroom is entered or left. 
  • Visitors must be asked to wash hands as they enter the building and before they go any further.
  • If a pupil or member of staff shows signs of illness they must immediately be taken to a separate designated room and all other pupils in that cohort evacuated to a different classroom. The class room should be closed until cleaned, if possible it should be left vacant for 72 hours before cleaning, see specific advice below.
  • Staff and volunteers should not share any laptop, device, class resources with other staff or volunteers.
  • Where staff or volunteers may be required to leave their class and another come in they should wipe down their desk area with disinfectant before the other teacher takes over. Such occurrences should be minimised and only occur if there is no other choice.
  • All work surfaces and floor areas must be kept clear to allow cleaning staff to clean them.

Cleaning of schools being used as Hubs

  • Additional cleaning measures will be in place within the hubs, and additional advice provided to staff and volunteers regarding these measures, and contact arrangements for any additional cleaning service required.
  • All staff and volunteers should take reasonable steps to minimise the number of areas being used within the hub, to in turn minimise the areas to be cleaned. Hub management and staff should consider 'taping off' as out of bounds classrooms and areas not in use. 
  • All pupils, staff and volunteers have a duty to ensure that their areas are maintained in a clean and tidy state.
  • Any concerns with standards of cleanliness should be first reported to the appropriate member of hub management on duty, and if not resolved satisfactorily escalated to the Area Care and Learning Manager.
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