Children in need of a home

Brothers and sisters need to stay together

We are looking for long term carers for children of primary school age.

The children need:

  • Carers who can take two or three brothers or sisters
  • Carers they can stay with for several years or for the rest of their childhood
  • Carers who can understand that while they can't stay with their own family they want to see them sometimes
  • Carers who can understand and manage challenging behaviour, emotional and social difficulties and enjoy seeing progress 
  • Carers  who can provide care, consistency and routine
  • Carers who can work as part of a team with professionals from a number of agencies
  • Carers who can give a lot without expecting too much

We will:

  • Provide preparation and training
  • Pay an allowance for the child and a fee to each household
  • Provide each family with a fostering and adoption social worker 
  • Hold regular meetings to make sure everyone is doing the best they can for the children
  • Invite you to meet other carers regularly and problem solve together
  • Help with school issues

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