Placing your child for adoption

Adoption is a way of providing a child with new legal parents beyond childhood into adulthood. When a child is adopted, it ends the legal relationship between the parents and their child and establishes a new one with the adoptive parents.

Adoption transfers all the parental rights and responsibilities to the adoptive parents. Adoptions are made legally binding by the Court.

Arranging an adoption

Adoption can only be arranged by approved adoption agencies. We are an approved adoption agency.


When an adoption application is being heard by the court, we must be satisfied that you, the birth parent(s) who have parental rights and responsibilities and all guardians of your child agree fully and unconditionally to the order being made. You must give your consent in writing.

The adoption agency will also want to ask your child about what he or she thinks about adoption. Children over the age of 12 years must give their own consent to adoption.

If you do not agree to the plans to have your child adopted and do not give your consent, there is a legal process called "Freeing for Adoption" which the adoption agency will use. 

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