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Glen Nevis Visitor Centre

The visitor centre is closed just now for refurbishment. We are providing some services in a porta cabin just outside the visitor centre which is open 9am - 5pm every day. We provide weather forecasts and safety information  and sell maps, water and souvenirs. Our toilets are open 7am - 7pm daily.

Ben Nevis leaflets

We now have a dedicated daily weather forecast for Ben Nevis - the only dedicated weather forecast for an individual mountain in the UK. The forecast gives details for the current and following day and is available at the visitor centre 24 hours a day.

Ben Nevis events

We have introduced a booking system to help manage car parking, toilet cleansing, litter collection, ground maintenance and liaison with landowners. Information is gathered on events that are taking place on Ben Nevis allowing centre staff to provide details of other events already booked.

We have an online diary detailing all events booked in on Ben Nevis. Please have a look at the dates available and contact the Visitor Centre Manager with any queries.

All organised events must be booked through the Glen Nevis Visitor Centre manager before finalising event dates.

Ben Nevis event booking form


Glen Nevis Visitor Centre
Glen Nevis
Fort William
PH33 6PF

Phone: (01397) 705922

Fax: (01397) 706278


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