Stromeferry bypass

A rock fall in December 2011 resulted in the closure of the A890 at the Stromeferry Bypass for several months. The closure led to major disruption with motorists facing a 130 mile diversion.  

We commissioned URS Infrastructure and Environment Ltd to carry out an options appraisal for a solution.

31 route options located in 6 route corridors were identified during the pre-appraisal study period. These were sifted to 17 route options. A shortlist was established to take forward to a second stage of more detailed appraisal.  

These are:

  • 2 northern routes with either a tunnel or bridge across Strome Narrows 
  • 5 online options with either a viaduct, tunnel, extended avalanche shelter and shared use rail or road or do minimum on the existing line of the road
  • 1 southern route through Glen Udalain
  • 1 renewable energy option

The detailed appraisal of these routes is still underway but a draft report of the outcomes was presented to local communities at public exhibitions held at the end of March 2014.  These exhibitions invited feedback from the communities which is currently being studied.

Presentation from public exhibitions

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