Planning guidance and advice

Please use these pages to find out what permissions you may need for your proposed development.

Planning permission is required for many types of development, for example:

  • Altering or extending a house or flat
  • Erecting a building in your garden
  • Changing the use of land or buildings, for example from residential to office use
  • Erecting a sign
  • Carrying out engineering or excavation works
  • Erecting or extending any other form of building whether residential, industrial, commercial or agricultural
  • Installing wind turbines and solar panels

Not all development proposals require formal consent, if you are unsure please visit our What permissions do I need page.

Work on trees

Before carrying out works to a tree you are advised to first check the guidance on our Trees and Forestry page, and if in doubt contact us.

Large scale planning applications

If you think your development may be a major development please see our information on major developments.



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