The Highland and Western Isles Valuation Joint Board

Open Register Opt in or Out Form

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The law allows anyone to buy a copy of the Open Register for a prescribed fee. This register has been in place since 2002. Before that date the full Electoral Register could be sold to anyone for a fee. Since 2002 electors have had to make a choice about whether to opt out of the Edited Register. All households were sent a canvass form every year listing everyone who was registered to vote. Each person on the form had to make their choice every year and tick a box on the form if they wanted to be opted out of the Edited Register.

From now on, your Open Register choice will continue until you tell us that you wish to change it. If you change address you would have to make a fresh registration application and Open Register choice.

If you wish to opt in or out please complete the application form and return to your local electoral registration office.

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