Highland Council

Elected members

Convener: Mr B Lobban (Ind)
Leader of the Council: Mrs M Davidson (Ind)
Depute Leader of the Council: Mr A Christie (Lib Dem)
Leader of the Opposition: Mr R Bremner (SNP)
Leader of the Opposition: Mr A Jarvie (Con)

Independent (Ind):

  • Mr R Balfour
  • Ms J Barclay
  • Ms B Campbell
  • Mr J Campbell
  • Ms H Carmichael
  • Mrs M Davidson
  • Mr M Finlayson
  • Mr J Finlayson
  • Mr L Fraser
  • Mr J Gordon
  • Mr T Heggie
  • Mr A Henderson
  • Mr B Lobban
  • Mr W Mackay
  • Mr A Mackinnon
  • Mr D Macpherson
  • Mr H Morrison
  • Mr C Munro
  • Mrs M Paterson
  • Mr M Reiss
  • Mr A Rhind
  • Ms F Robertson
  • Mr G Ross
  • Ms N Sinclair
  • Mr B Thompson
  • Ms C Wilson

Independents for Independence (IFI)

  • Ms M Morley-Smith

Real Independent (RI):

  • Mr A Baxter

Scottish Conservative and Unionist (Con):

  • Mr J Bruce
  • Mr A Jarvie
  • Mr D Mackay
  • Ms I MacKenzie
  • Mr S Mackie
  • Mr D MacLeod
  • Mr I Ramon
  • Mr P Saggers
  • Mr A Sinclair
  • Mr C Smith

Scottish Green Party (Green):

  • Ms P Hadley

Scottish Labour Party (Lab):

  • Mr J Gray
  • Ms D Mackay
  • Mrs B McAllister

Scottish Liberal Democrats (Lib Dem):

  • Mr G Adam
  • Ms C Caddick
  • Mr A Christie
  • Mr R Gale
  • Mr A Graham
  • Mrs A MacLean
  • Ms L Munro
  • Mr D Rixson
  • Ms T Robertson

Scottish National Party (SNP):

  • Ms B Allan
  • Mr B Boyd
  • Mr R Bremner
  • Mr I Brown
  • Ms G Campbell-Sinclair
  • Dr I Cockburn
  • Mrs M Cockburn
  • Ms K Currie
  • Mr C Fraser
  • Mr K Gowans
  • Mr E Knox
  • Mr D Louden
  • Mr A MacInnnes
  • Mr G MacKenzie
  • Mr R MacWilliam
  • Mr N McLean
  • Miss E Roddick
  • Mr K Rosie

Sutherland Independent Group (SIG)

  • Mr J McGillivray

Non-aligned (NA)

  • Ms L MacDonald
  • Mr C MacLeod
  • Ms P Munro
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