Low Income Pandemic Payment

Funded by Scottish Government, some households have received a £130 Low Income Pandemic Payment. Highland Council was responsible for administering these payments for eligible households living in the Highland area. Letters were issued to all eligible households and payments have now been made.

If you qualified but did not provide bank details for your payment to be paid directly into your bank, it was credited to your Council Tax account. Please check your most recent Council Tax Bill for information.

Who is eligible to receive a £130 low income pandemic payment?

The payment was offered to households who, during April 2021, were:

  • in receipt of Council Tax Reduction, OR
  • had no liability for Council Tax as they were in temporary accommodation, including a refuge, OR
  • were exempt from Council Tax as their home was unoccupied because they were being cared for or were caring for someone else, OR
  • all members of the household were care leavers, under 18, or severely mentally impaired.

If you are not already receiving Council Tax Reduction and believe you may be eligible you can find out more on our Help with paying rent and/or Council Tax page.

How does this payment affect other benefits?

If you receive Universal Credit, then this payment will be counted as capital. This will not normally affect the amount you receive unless you have savings or other capital totalling over £6,000. If you are concerned that this payment could impact your Universal Credit award, you should report the payment in your journal by signing in to your Universal Credit account or by calling the Universal Credit helpline on 0800 328 5644.

This payment will be disregarded in full for other benefits and for income tax purposes.

This payment is in addition to support delivered through the Family Pandemic Payment.

Further help or advice

If you require further help or advice regarding the £130 low income pandemic payment, please contact us by email lipp@highland.gov.uk.

You can also get further advice about Welfare Benefits by calling our Welfare Support Team on 0800 090 1004 or emailing them on welfare.support@highland.gov.uk.

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