Coronavirus: Registration services

All Highland Registration Offices are now closed to the public and cannot take face to face appointments until further notice.

After approval of the UK Emergency Bill, the following changes have been made to registration services.


Death Registration will now be completed by a 'remote' appointment.

Contact your local registration office or ask your chosen funeral director to make an appointment. Details of registration offices can be found on our website.

Registration offices

Before a registration can be done, the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (Form 11) must have been issued. Where possible, have available birth certificates, marriage certificates and NHS number (from the Medical Card) for the deceased.

The Tell Us Once service will also still be available. Tell Us Once can help you notify a number of other government departments and services.


The remote registration appointment will be conducted by telephone and email where appropriate.


Birth Registrations are currently postponed until further notice. Births will be registered when we are again in a position to offer a face to face appointment.


All marriages whether civil, religious or belief are currently postponed until further notice.

Marriage notices which have already been submitted, on approval of National Records of Scotland, can remain valid until 31 December 2020 without new paperwork being required.

Whilst we appreciate this is an anxious time for couples, please be advised we are not currently in a position to take any new bookings, and are also unable to confirm the availability of a Registrar for any proposed re-scheduled dates. We look forward to working with you to secure a new date and time as soon as we are able to.

Any fees paid can be carried forward to your new date. For advice on any refund of fees for complete cancellations please contact the office in which marriage notices were submitted.

Requesting copies of documents

Due to changes to the systems used by Registrars throughout Scotland we are currently unable to produce copy certificates at this time. If you continue with your order, we will post out all certificates ordered as soon as we are able to.

We understand there may be emergency cases where a copy certificate is required. In these circumstances please contact your local registration office or email to discuss your request before placing your order.

If you wish to continue with your order for a copy certificate, please order online.

  • Certificates for events registered in the last month will cost £11.00
  • Certificates for events registered more than one month ago will cost £16.00

If the event was registered outside Highland within the last year, you should apply to the office in which the event was registered.

Certificates will be sent out by standard second class post.

For information on any other Registration functions please see guidance available.

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