Budget consultations

Budget Consultation (budget 2017 to 2018)

We now have the Scottish Government’s Budget Settlement for 2017 to 2018.

In preparation for the 2017/18 budget, the budget proposals developed have been informed by a range of information including previous budget consultation exercises, information gathered through the Council Re-design process including engagement with staff and trade unions, and engagement with the public and partner organisations.

Citizens’ Panel Consultation

A survey of the Citizens’ Panel was completed in December 2016 and focused on areas associated with the Council Re-design process.

Citizens’ Panel Summary Report

Highland’s Budget Challenge

Members of the public were invited to take part in the Highland’s Budget Challenge,  to consider the overall budget and to promote awareness of the challenges facing the Council. The simulator was open between 19 January 2017 and 6 February 2017 and received 1,026 responses. A summary of the results is available below:

Budget Challenge Summary Report

Budget Leader's Blog

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