Emojis on our site

Emojis can be used as shortcuts to our webpages.

Put an emoji into our search or add it to the end of our website address like this:

Type www.highland.gov.uk then add a slash, followed by an emoji

Some of the emojis you can use

Comments and compliments

Smiling face, thumbs up emoji


Angry face, thumbs down emoji


House emoji

Street light problem

Traffic light, light bulb emoji

Pay online

Bank notes and money bags


Recycle logo

Registration (births, marriages)

Baby, couple (man and woman), couple (woman and woman), couple (man and man)

Liquor licensing

Beer glasses, wine glasses, cocltail glass emoji

Licences (various)

Emojis for licences, including: fireworks, cow, theater masks and slot machine


We're adding new emojis all the time, try your favourite emoji to see if it works. If there's any you'd like added, let us know by tweeting us @HighlandCouncil