Music tuition

Music lessons and instruments

Once pupils have been accepted on to an instructor's timetable, lessons may be individual or as part of a group and will last around 25 minutes each week.

With beginner and inexperienced pupils, additional lessons with any other teacher on the same instrument are not advisable. There are circumstances with advanced pupils where additional specialist support may be recommended by the Council Instructor at a later date.

In most cases, your child will be issued with an instrument belonging to us. There is currently no additional charge for instrument loan. Instructors will give advice on instrument care, but it is the responsibility of pupils and parents to ensure that instruments are treated carefully and maintained in the condition that they are issued.

At a later stage you may wish your child to possess his or her own instrument. We would advise that the instructor's advice is sought before purchase. Instruments can also be bought through the assisted instrument purchase scheme. More information about this scheme can be found at Highland Young Musicians.

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Should parents or carers have any questions about progress or their role in the child's tuition, a request for the Instructor to contact you should be made to the school.

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