Music tuition

Additional activities and Highland Young Musicians

Many instructors offer extra-curricular groups within schools and areas. Attendance at activities like this are highly recommended once a pupil is deemed ready to participate by their instructor.

More advanced pupils can also apply to join one or more of the eight regional music groups, run as an extension to the work of the instrumental tuition service in Highland. These are:

  • Highland Regional Youth Orchestra (HRYO)
  • Highland Schools Wind Band (HSWB)
  • Highland Youth String Orchestra (HYSO)
  • Highland Youth Big Band (HYBB)
  • 'snas (ceilidh Band)
  • Highland Pulse (pipe band drumming)
  • Còisir G (Regional Gaelic Choir)
  • Highland Youth Choir (HYC)

Highland Young Musicians groups are an ideal opportunity for members to make friends amongst the thousands of Highland pupils who receive tuition in our schools whilst promoting a high standard of musicianship.

Highland Young Musicians membership application

Membership for all the groups is by audition or invitation after an annual audition day and members are drawn from all areas of Highland. Our instrumental instructors can advise on suitability for membership and the application procedure.

Book an event or concert

Due to the nature of Highland geography, the groups meet for intensive rehearsal days rather than weekly practices. There are 3 rehearsal days (Saturdays) before the Concerts Festival which involves a day of performances in Macdonald Aviemore Resort, following rehearsals and an overnight stay for members.

For further information, visit Highland Young Musicians where full membership guidelines and information about all of the groups can be found.


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