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Digital learning in Highland

The Highland Council was one of the first local authorities in Scotland recognised to develop a Schools Digital Learning Hub, which provides a resource for staff, parents and pupils to support home learning.

Our Education Improvement Team has been leading the way in the development of our digital learning platform. Prior to Covid-19, we had an estate of 27,000 Chromebooks that were already a part of our ICT in Learning Strategy. During lockdown, seeing the closure of our schools since March, pupils were able to transition to learn remotely from home.

A daily programme of professional learning for all staff was put in place and there has been an increasing engagement with G-Suite for Education as a platform. G-Suite is a free collection of productivity tools offered by technology company Google and includes Google Docs, Gmail, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Hangouts and many more.

You can view the success of our utilisation of these tools in the table below which shows our engagement figures from the week before lockdown to the week beginning 18 April: 

Statistics showing engagement of google education platforms in lockdown

Statistics showing engagement of google education platforms in lockdown - Source: Google

Our approach to digital learning, highlighting the success and innovation of our digital leaning strategy and our ‘Learning During Lockdown’ video were recently featured in the June/July 2020 issue of Public Sector Executive Magazine (P64-66).

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