Back to school

Early learning and childcare (ELC)


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Scottish Government removed the statutory requirement for Local Authorities to deliver 1140 hours of ELC from August.

Local Authorities were advised to use the ELC funding flexibly to respond to COVID-19 and that this response should also inform decisions regarding the final phase of the local delivery plan of the expansion of 1140 hours of ELC.

We are committed to continuing to fund settings that were delivering 600 hours or 1140 hours of ELC prior to COVID-19. For those ELC settings who were due to move to 1140 hours in August, as part of the final phase of our delivery plan, this transition will be put on hold temporarily. 

When the Scottish Government releases the revised date for the statutory requirement to deliver 1140 hours of ELC, a decision will be made as to whether the final phase will be incremental or planned to the required date.

We are keen to continue with the final phase of ELC expansion at the earliest opportunity and this will be considered within the wider context of the Council’s recovery.


Scottish Government update

Re-opening of unregulated indoor children's activity

"Schools and regulated ELC are beginning again from 11 August and we are receiving queries about whether other indoor activity may resume at the same time.

The answer is that indoor activities for children and young people which are not overseen by a regulator should not start again until agreed guidance is in place.  Unfortunately, back to school does not mean back to normality and for now, ensuring that the transition back to school is successful is our top priority.

 For now, activities for children and young people under the age of 18  should continue online or outdoors in line with existing guidance. 

 We know that these indoor activities are of huge value to children, young people and families across Scotland and our ambition is to get them open soon as soon as this is deemed appropriate.  We will provide further information about timing with additional guidance where this is necessary".

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