Back to school


The Highland Council Catering Services have carried out risk assessments on all school kitchens to ensure that all catering employees feel confident in returning to work and are able to deliver food safely to children. Measures have been put in place according to Scottish Government guidelines with the support of Environmental Health Officers and the Highland Council Health and Safety department. Work with suppliers continues over the holidays to ensure safe deliveries throughout the region in time for returning to school. 

New look Spring/Summer Secondary School's Menu

The new look Spring/Summer 2021 Secondary School’s menu reflects changes in the school food regulations set by the Scottish Government.  This means increased availability of fresh fruit & vegetables and an increased fibre content within our menus. There is also a decrease in the sugar content in food & drinks and a considerable reduction in red meat provision particularly red processed meats. Items such as bacon, sausages, beef burgers and ham will  be offered less frequently and the range of drinks on offer contain no sugar. The new school food regulations in secondary schools is summarised here.

The new menu can be found here.

Free school meals

If you are on a low income, the Welfare Support Team can claim free school meals and school clothing grants for you.  Contact them at by phoning 0800 090 1004

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