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Public transport routes

Public transport routes are being managed in four ways:

  1. Where there is enough space for pupils and the public within the physical distancing rules, these will operate as normal.
  2. The Government have allowed school transport zones to be designated within public buses. In these zones, seats are reserved for pupils only.
  3. Some routes will be restricted to school pupils only (which may include non-entitled pupils who pay their own fares).
  4. On some routes, separate buses will be provided for pupils and the public in order to maintain a public service as well as providing enough seats for the entitled pupils.

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Our current position on transport

We are working with our Home to School Transport providers to ensure that transport is in place for all entitled pupils in a way that ensures safety and conforms with Scottish Government guidance. The information here is based on the rate of infection in Scotland remaining low.

Guidance published on 16 July states that;

  • school pupils are not required to physically distance on dedicated school transport. This means journeys which are used only by school pupils (and, in some cases, designated adults such as passenger assistants). Distancing is still required between pupils and adults, which reduces the capacity of vehicles.

Further guidance published on 30 July allows public bus services to have dedicated zones for school transport, where physical distancing is not required. Seats within these zones are for school pupils only.

Physical distancing of 1m is required on public transport services, so the capacity of these is reduced to around a quarter of normal. We have examined with our providers where pupils can be accommodated on public transport routes, and the arrangements are shown at the above link 

From 31 August, the Scottish Government requires that pupils aged over 5 years should wear face coverings on all school transport (unless medically exempt). Face coverings are already required on public transport.

Reusable face coverings must be stored safely when not being worn, and single-use face coverings must be disposed of properly. It is parents’ responsibility to provide face coverings.

Seats for non-entitled pupils who have applied for privilege places are not available due to reductions in capacity of vehicles. This is being assessed for each route and we will advise parents as soon as possible if a seat can be offered.

Providers have undertaken risk assessments to ensure infection control measures are in place.

Parents may choose to drive their pupils to school or allow them to cycle, rather than using school transport. It would be helpful if parents could inform if their children will not be using school transport for the time being. This will not affect your child’s eligibility for transport but will help us to ensure that everyone can be accommodated who does require a seat. (If you have already replied to our survey, there is no need to reply again). 

We are actively encouraging pupils who are not entitled to Home to School Transport to walk, cycle or use scooters (where possible), rather than being driven in private vehicles.

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