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School transport will run for any eligible pupils who are attending school. All children and young people over the age of 12 should wear a face covering on school transport. It has also been confirmed that children do not have to social distance from each other on school transport, however pupils are encouraged to practice social distancing where possible and to maintain distance from the driver and any other adult that may be on board. 

For further guidance, please refer to our School Transport Protocol.

Closed Contract Routes

These are routes that run specifically for school children and do not allow the public to board.  These routes will continue and, to allow for social distancing, may need to double route or use different sized vehicles.  This may affect the time that your child is picked up or returns home and the contractor providing the transport will inform you of any changes.

Public transport routes

Where children are provided tickets to travel on public transport routes, these are being managed in three ways:

  1. Where there is enough space for pupils and the public within the physical distancing rules, these will operate as normal. 
  2. Some routes will be restricted to school pupils only (which may include non-entitled pupils who pay their own fares).
  3. On some routes, separate buses will be provided for pupils and the public in order to maintain a public service as well as providing enough seats for the entitled pupils.

Click here to view how your route is being managed

Our current position on transport

We are working with our Home to School Transport providers to ensure that transport is in place for all entitled pupils in a way that ensures safety and conforms with Scottish Government guidance.

Providers have undertaken risk assessments to ensure infection control measures are in place.

Parents may choose to drive their pupils to school or allow them to cycle, rather than using school transport. It would be helpful if parents could inform if their children will not be using school transport for the time being. This will not affect your child’s eligibility for transport but will help us to ensure that everyone can be accommodated who does require a seat.

We are actively encouraging pupils who are not entitled to Home to School Transport to walk, cycle or use scooters (where possible), rather than being driven in private vehicles.