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Quest for learning Resources

Quest focuses on key learning priorities:

  • Early cognitive development
  • Social interaction
  • Communication underpins and is integral to both key learning priorities

Good Practice for using Quest

  • Make sure you are familiar with the seven key milestones (green)
  • Focus on a learner and identify a key milestone
  • Check which is the next milestone. If beyond learner’s ability assume learner is working between two key milestones
  • Refer to the milestones in between key milestones and select starting point
  • Set up appropriate assessment activities

Collaborative Process

  • Record observations – video can be helpful for promoting discussion and agreement
  • Involve parents in discussions
  • Team around the Child, including parents and carers – include their knowledge 
  • Review observations together
  • There may be differences of opinion on observations this is fine, it means you need to  explore further

Supporting Documents

Other resources available on our blog


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