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The PrereQuisite Skills, more commonly known as Q Skills, are an assessment resource to support teachers and pupil support assistants. The skills described in the resource build towards Early Level in Curriculum for Excellence.
The Q Skills provide a broad and inclusive framework for assessing learners, taking into account age, cognitive ability, learning difficulties and other significant complex needs.

The requirements outlined in the Q Skills for Communication, Using Mathematics and Using ICT align with the mainstream Early Level Curriculum for Excellence. Health and Wellbeing experiences and outcomes can be found embedded in each of these areas.

Each skill is broken into 5 levels. Within each of the skill levels learners' progress can be demonstrated by moving through the Q Skills as well as decreasing levels of supports from adults within a skill. Having different levels within each skill allows pupils to progress at a level but also gives options for pupils with deteriorating skills to still show progress in skill maintenance.

‘Level 1’ is the final progression level for each skill. This is a Northern Ireland term for the first level of their curriculum. The working group compared this level to CfE and it broadly corresponds to the starting point to CfE Early Level.

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