Pre-school home teaching service

Frequently asked questions

You asked: What age ranges do you work with and for how long?

We answered: Pre-School Home Visiting Teachers (PSHVT) could work with children from birth and can be involved for varying lengths of time depending on the needs of your child and family. Transition support continues until your child completes the first term of Primary 1 (October) If support from Psychological Services continues to be needed contact can be made with the Educational Psychologist (EP) linked to the school.


You asked: What do you do when working directly with children?

We answered: When working directly with children either at home or in an ELC setting a PSHVT may play and observe and listen to what you or staff have to say about them. They will notice what your child does well and use this knowledge to build on their strengths and identify areas that may require some extra support. They will agree with you some target areas to work on and suggest strategies to support these with you and staff.


You asked: Can I, as a parent, request your involvement or do I have to go through my Early Years setting?

We answered: Requests usually come through a Child’s Plan. You can discuss this with your Health Visitor or speak to the staff in your setting.


You asked: What is a Child’s Plan?

We answered: This is a single plan to document targeted intervention bringing together input from parents and all professionals involved with your child. The creation and review of Child’s Plans is supported by recent legislation, Child and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 


You asked: What happens when its time for my child to start at an ELC setting or Primary 1?

We answered: The PSHVT works closely with ELC setting staff and schools. They can help support you and your child through the transition from home to the ELC setting  or school and together plan how best to meet your child’s needs. This support can take many forms; visits, training, sharing with staff the things your child is good at and strategies which help them. They will work closely with you, your child and staff to ensure that you all feel prepared for the changes ahead.


You asked: What happens if we work full-time?

We answered: Depending on your work commitments and responsibilities the PSHVT may work with you and your child at home or can see them at their ELC setting. They can meet with you at a convenient time to discuss progress.

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