Modern school buildings programme

Inverness Royal Academy

This new school will have a larger pupil capacity (1420 pupils) than the current school (1153 pupils) in order to accommodate housing growth within the catchment area and increased uptake in Gaelic Medium education in the medium to long term.

The school will have 39 practical, 40 non-practical and 5 tutorial classrooms, and in addition 6 classrooms have been provided in order to accommodate the range of subjects which would be taught in Gaelic.

In addition, in terms of accommodation that can be used by the community, an additional games hall will be provided (2 halls in total), plus a fitness suite, dance studio, gymnasium and two synthetic turf pitches.

The Additional Support Needs (ASN) accommodation will be expanded to improve the educational experience for ASN pupils, providing a calm and positive learning environment as well as full access to the rest of the school.

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