Housing options - advice and assistance

Giving you information so you can make the right choices

We provide a Housing Options Service to anyone with a housing problem. We aim to help you resolve your issues and prevent problems getting worse. We will help you find the best solution.
We offer advice on any housing problems, for example:

  • If you are at risking of losing your home or need to move
  • If your home no longer meets your needs
  • If you want to rent or buy

If you are at risk of becoming homeless we will do all we can to help to stop this happening. If you are homeless we get you  the help you need.
Our Housing Options officers will help you to explore all your options and choices.

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Our service includes:

  • Advice and assistance to people looking for somewhere to live
  • Help to keep your home
  • In-depth advice on housing and how to pay for it
  • Help to get support to address financial problems; mortgage arrears, rent arrears or benefit matters
  • Full housing options service covering:
    Helping you secure a private let and deal with tenancy problems
    Low cost home ownership, including rent to buy
    Help to adapt or improve conditions in your current home
    Getting support to address any housing challenges you face
  • Referrals to a range of specialised services such as: Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Family Mediation, Women’s Aid, and Money Advice
  • Our Housing Options Policy



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