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Record details

Project title The Bogrow Cured Meat Company
Applicant Caroline Matheson
Approved costs £74,744.93
Approved grant £29,897.97
  • People have better access to local services and activities
  • Increased employment opportunities locally through new business start-ups and existing business diversification/development

Caroline Matheson was awarded a LEADER grant to establish a new business which will compliment her existing farm and be able to offer full traceability embodying the concept of ‘from farm to fork’, by rearing, butchering, then curing their own meat. The funds will be used to supply and fit out a new butchery facility, production equipment for the meat curing business and a refrigerated trailer for chilled and hygienic transporting of products. The project aims to provide 4 part-time jobs and fulfil the demand for locally sourced charcuterie products, with a plan to go fully organic under-way.

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