September meeting of the Inverness Community Partnership to focus on priorities for Merkinch

The next meeting of the Inverness Community Partnership (ICP) will be held on Wednesday 27 September in the Family Centre at Merkinch. After listening to community feedback, the meeting time has been changed from the daytime to 7pm-9pm to encourage more members of the public to come along. 

The Partnership consists of representatives from public agencies, the third sector and voluntary groups who come together to work collaboratively with the people of Inverness to focus on priorities and deliver better outcomes for the Partnership area.

The September meeting will explore how the Highland Violence Against Women Partnership can support the work of the ICP and look at future opportunities to work collaboratively to prevent violence against women.

The meeting will also focus on the work that has taken place to date with the Merkinch community to identify priority areas for improvement and development as well as progress being made on more general adults and children’s plans for the ICP area as a whole.

Chair of the Inverness Community Partnership, Councillor Graham Ross said: “We are still at the initial stages which is why it would be great if people come along to the meeting on 27 September to help us find out more about local priorities so we can make sure our efforts are directed where they are most needed. This will ultimately help us to better focus efforts to make a positive difference to the communities we represent.  This is your chance to have your voice heard and help direct Partnership efforts so I encourage as many people as possible to come along.”

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12 Sep 2017
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