Merkinch Plan and Adult services the focus for next weeks’ Inverness Community Partnership

Inverness Community Partnership (ICP) will meet next week on Wednesday 13 June and will feature a voluntary sector adult services showcase. Also on the agenda is the launch of the South Kessock and Merkinch Locality Plan that sets out priorities to improve the quality of life for the people who live and work within the community

The Inverness Community Partnership was formed following the introduction of the Community Empowerment Act 2015. Membership includes representatives from public agencies, the third sector and voluntary groups who come together to work together with the people of Inverness to focus on priorities and deliver better outcomes for the Partnership area.

Chair, Councillor Graham Ross said: “We have 16 organisations who deliver adult services coming along to a special “market place” to raise awareness of the roles they play in delivering services to the community. It’s going to be a great networking opportunity for ICP members and other community organisations and the public are welcome to come and join us.

“Before this we have the launch of the South Kessock and Merkinch Locality Plan which has been developed through a cooperative process involving local residents, community organisations and partners from the voluntary and public sectors.

“Whilst having many positive qualities, the community of South Kessock and Merkinch is one of a number of communities across Highland facing disadvantage and inequality. There are a high percentage of people of working age unemployed or in receipt of benefits, in particularly Incapacity and Disability benefits. We recognise that our best chance of achieving success is to put people and communities at the centre of our planning and delivery processes. The Locality Plan looks in details at what we can all do together and focusses on actions to achieve positive outcomes under the three headings of Work and the Local Economy; Care and Maintenance; and Influence and Sense of Control.

The Partnership meeting will start at 7pm on Wednesday 13 June at the Merkinch Community Centre and members of the public are welcome to come along.



7 Jun 2018
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