Highland Schools and Police call on people to share suspected drug activity

Highland Council secondary schools in the Inverness and Nairn area and Police Scotland are writing to parents and carers urging them to share any concerns or information related to possible drug activity in their areas.

A joint letter being sent this week to parents/carers of pupils gives reassurance that schools and Police are working together to ensure young people, schools and communities remain safe.

The letter informs that there have been: “…notable recent increases in the volume of information shared regarding possible and actual drug activity in and around Inverness as well as in other communities around Highland.”

It explains that: “Although this is not a new issue, the risks do seem to be more prevalent than previously and the evidence suggests increased risk-taking behaviour among a greater proportion of young people and at earlier ages.”

The letter also states that: “Pupils, parents and carers need to be aware that young people of all ages have been identified as both using and supplying harmful substances in all areas and seem to believe that such activity is ‘normal’ for them and others.

“Controlled substances previously believed to not have been a significant issue for young people in many areas in Highland are now readily available. It is possible for anyone, but especially young people, to access a wide variety of substances across Inverness e.g. controlled substances such as cannabis, MDMA, heroin, crack cocaine and a range of new psycho-active substances (‘legal highs’). Access can be from contact with people and even purchase on-line in some cases.”

Highland Council and Police Scotland are urging pupils, parents and carers that where concerns exist about possible drug-activities, information is passed on either to the Crime Stoppers helpline on 0800 555 111; Police Scotland on 101 or to local schools.

14 Dec 2016
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