Accident report form (DOCX)

Size: 68.67 KB

Accident Investigation Form (DOCX)

Size: 172.98 KB

Accident Investigation Report (DOC)

Size: 99 KB

Accident Investigation (witness statement) (DOC)

Size: 111.5 KB

Personal Accident Report form (Insurance) (DOC)

Size: 70 KB

Bomb Threat checklist (schools) (DOCX)

Size: 212.68 KB

Bomb Threat checklist (other workplaces) (DOCX)

Size: 212.88 KB

Bomb Threat Procedures (PDF)

Size: 224.74 KB

DSE Self-assessment form (DOC)

Size: 565 KB

DSE self-assessment form (laptop) (DOCX)

Size: 22.79 KB

Eye and Eyesight testing form (DOCX)

Size: 75.22 KB

Lone Worker - Checklist (DOC)

Size: 60.5 KB

Management Checklist (DOCX)

Size: 19.63 KB

Pupil-Staff Incident Report Form (XLSX)

Size: 49.85 KB

Pupil-Staff incident report form - Guidance (PDF)

Size: 144 KB

Risk Assessment form - blank (DOC)

Size: 36 KB

Violent Incident - Reporting Flowchart (PDF)

Size: 179.31 KB

Violent Incident Risk Assessment form (DOC)

Size: 19.5 KB

Violence and Aggression report (Social Work) (DOC)

Size: 370.5 KB

First Aid Needs Assessment Form 2021 (DOCX)

Size: 66.77 KB

DSE - Information

Art of Sitting (PDF)

Size: 633.28 KB

DSE Helpful Hints (PDF)

Size: 706.93 KB

Ergonomic factsheet (PDF)

Size: 110.16 KB

Laptop User Helpful Hints Mini Keyboard (PDF)

Size: 750.56 KB

Laptop User Helpful Hints Standard Keyboard (PDF)

Size: 749.99 KB

Leaflet - DSE Posture (PDF)

Size: 4.53 MB

Portable Communication Device (PDF)

Size: 591.57 KB

RSHO advice sheets - advice back pain (PDF)

Size: 171.2 KB

RSHO advice sheets - advice posture breaks (PDF)

Size: 169.47 KB

Microbreaks (JPG)

Size: 806.79 KB

Homeworker Workstation Set-Up (PDF)

Size: 2.04 MB

Display Screen Equipment

Eyesight form (DOCX)

Size: 67.89 KB

DSE Self-assessment form (DOC)

Size: 565.5 KB

DSE self-assessment form (laptop) (DOCX)

Size: 22.79 KB

Posturite referral (DOC)

Size: 411.5 KB

DSE Policy (PDF)

Size: 367.28 KB

DSE Guidance (PDF)

Size: 348.75 KB

Avoiding Tech Neck (PDF)

Size: 658.3 KB

Eye Strain (PDF)

Size: 521.76 KB

Healthy Laptop Use (PDF)

Size: 842.89 KB

Microbreaks (PDF)

Size: 580.32 KB

Benefits to Home Working (PDF)

Size: 1.09 MB

The Art of Sitting (PDF)

Size: 596.53 KB

Inactivity - Working from Home (PDF)

Size: 307.85 KB


Stress Risk Assessment - Individual Intro (DOCX)

Size: 23.17 KB

Stress Risk Assessment - Individual (DOCX)

Size: 183.46 KB

Stress Risk Assessment - Team Intro (DOCX)

Size: 24.09 KB

Stress Risk Assessment - Team (part 1) (DOCX)

Size: 57.46 KB

Stress Risk Assessment - Team (part 2) (DOCX)

Size: 157.87 KB

10 tips to manage stress (PDF)

Size: 31.3 KB

Highland Stress Management Group Meetings (PDF)

Size: 315.93 KB

Action for Happiness - Ten Keys to Happier Living (PDF)

Size: 131.11 KB

RS Occupational Health - Advice Page (PDF)

Size: 84.7 KB

Tips to ease tension (PDF)

Size: 390.73 KB

Handout - Relaxation (PDF)

Size: 298.14 KB

Handout - Mindfulness (PDF)

Size: 306.96 KB

Stress mind map (PDF)

Size: 1016.35 KB

Talking with your workers - Covid-19 (PDF)

Size: 176.52 KB

Occupational Health

Guidance for Managers (PDF)

Size: 228.18 KB

Information for Employees (PDF)

Size: 119.59 KB

Occupational Health Referral Form (DOCX)

Size: 688.58 KB

Tips on completion of referral form (PDF)

Size: 221.43 KB

Physiotherapy guide (PDF)

Size: 165.15 KB

Night Worker Questionnaire (DOCX)

Size: 673.38 KB

Reasonable adjustments for staff with Mental Health issues (PDF)

Size: 110.71 KB

Health Surveillance information (PDF)

Size: 111.71 KB

Counselling service (PDF)

Size: 73.35 KB

Bowel Cancer Awareness (PDF)

Size: 133.41 KB

Skin Cancer - Information Sheet (PDF)

Size: 27.7 KB

Managing Back Pain (PDF)

Size: 171.2 KB

Posture and taking breaks (PDF)

Size: 169.47 KB

Stress Management (PDF)

Size: 87.66 KB

Cervical Screening (PDF)

Size: 629.45 KB

Cervical Screening Poster (PDF)

Size: 61.22 KB

Cervical Screening (polish) (PDF)

Size: 719.35 KB

Telephone advisory service (PDF)

Size: 83.39 KB

Referral Process (PDF)

Size: 148.14 KB

Appointment Process (PDF)

Size: 207.8 KB

Skin Surveillance Questionnaire (PDF)

Size: 141.91 KB

Respiratory Questionnaire (PDF)

Size: 140.57 KB

Skin and Respiratory Questionnaire (PDF)

Size: 155.8 KB

HAVS initial questionnaire (PDF)

Size: 387.51 KB

Audio Questionnaire (PDF)

Size: 141.21 KB

Example Referral Form (DOCX)

Size: 675.43 KB

OH Clinic Calendar (PDF)

Size: 193.67 KB

Access to Work (PDF)

Size: 19.52 KB

OH Privacy Statement (PDF)

Size: 18.79 KB

Healthy eating (PDF)

Size: 3.96 MB

Exercise (PDF)

Size: 1.48 MB

Nutrition (presentation) (PPTX)

Size: 4.38 MB

Women's Health (PPTX)

Size: 3.8 MB

Stoptober - Smoking Cessation (PPTX)

Size: 3.79 MB

Mens Health (PPTX)

Size: 1.35 MB

Heart Health (PPTX)

Size: 2.07 MB

Guidance on Returning to Work (Health Concerns) (PDF)

Size: 109.49 KB

Occupational Health Referral Form 2021 V2 (DOCX)

Size: 688.34 KB

Highland Council Physiotherapy Leaflet (PDF)

Size: 277.56 KB

Privacy Notice - Occupational Health (PDF)

Size: 392.58 KB

Occupational Health Referral Form 2021 (2) (DOCX)

Size: 688.34 KB

Health and Safety Management of Property

Monitoring Protocol (PDF)

Size: 282.87 KB

Management Checklist (PDF)

Size: 109.4 KB

Management checklist (offices) (DOCX)

Size: 45.88 KB

Responsible Premises Officers' Handbook (PDF)

Size: 579.39 KB

Summary of arrangements for visits (PDF)

Size: 103.58 KB

Mental Health

Example support arrangement agreement (RTF)

Size: 80.26 KB

Examples of adjustments in the workplace (PDF)

Size: 190.07 KB

Mental Health: Learning and Development information (PDF)

Size: 94.98 KB

Mental Health Rep comms 24.07.20 (DOCX)

Size: 13.62 KB

Anxiety 2020 (DOCX)

Size: 51.28 KB

Bereavement 2020 (DOCX)

Size: 51.64 KB

Bereavement by Suicide 2020 (DOCX)

Size: 45.23 KB

Depression 2020 (DOCX)

Size: 44.52 KB

Eating Disorders 2020 (DOCX)

Size: 51.03 KB

Mental Health & Wellbeing 2020 (DOCX)

Size: 48.84 KB

Secondary Trauma Stress 2020 (DOCX)

Size: 50.37 KB

Stress 2020 (DOCX)

Size: 43.83 KB

Suicide Awareness 2020 (DOCX)

Size: 45.35 KB

Alcohol & Drugs 2020 (DOCX)

Size: 53.38 KB

Wellbeing 2020 (DOCX)

Size: 54.75 KB

Moving and Handling

Accident and Incident reporting form (PDF)

Size: 48.34 KB

Incident reporting form (PDF)

Size: 48.34 KB

Unsafe manual handling practices - report form (DOC)

Size: 66 KB

Unsafe manual handling practices - report form (DOC)

Size: 66 KB

PEEP - flowchart (PDF)

Size: 79.24 KB

PEEP checklist-for managers (PDF)

Size: 23.19 KB

PEEP checklist for Head Teachers (PDF)

Size: 22.94 KB

PEEP - Employee Questionnaire (DOC)

Size: 87.5 KB

PEEP template (DOCX)

Size: 50.05 KB

Draft Visitor PEEP (DOC)

Size: 33.5 KB

Guidance notes on completion of PEEP (DOCX)

Size: 70.58 KB

PEEP - Poster for Reception Areas (for visitors) (PDF)

Size: 164.81 KB

Pupil handling plan (DOC)

Size: 109 KB

Risk Assessment and Handling Plan (DOC)

Size: 115 KB

Wheelchair Guidance (PDF)

Size: 248.66 KB

Moving and Handling of Pupils (Guidance) (DOCX)

Size: 132.02 KB

Scottish Manual Handling Passport - Object (DOC)

Size: 953.5 KB

Scottish Manual Handling Passport - People (DOC)

Size: 989 KB

Manual Handling guide (PDF)

Size: 186.25 KB

Top 10 tips for Manual Handling (JPG)

Size: 161.49 KB

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)

HAVS Strategic Management action plan (XLS)

Size: 41.5 KB

HAVS operational action plan (XLS)

Size: 73 KB

HSE Action Plan (XLS)

Size: 40.5 KB

Operational Training Plan (XLS)

Size: 39.5 KB

Purchasing and hiring of plant and equipment (PDF)

Size: 458.3 KB

HAVS Policy and guidance (PDF)

Size: 678.78 KB

Toolbox talk template for operatives (PDF)

Size: 174.9 KB

Hired Plant Procedure (DOC)

Size: 165.5 KB

Small Plant Inventory and estimated trigger times (XLSX)

Size: 20.42 KB

Generic risk assessment index 2015 (DOC)

Size: 58.5 KB

Risk assessment (Gully Repair) (DOC)

Size: 82 KB

Blank on-site task assessment (DOC)

Size: 73 KB

Example completed on-site assessment (DOC)

Size: 76.5 KB

Blank noise and vibration task assessment form (DOC)

Size: 325.5 KB

Example of completed form (DOC)

Size: 126 KB

Blank site risk assessment form (DOC)

Size: 146 KB

Example of completed site risk assessment (PDF)

Size: 469.48 KB

Blank daily exposure sheet (XLS)

Size: 45.5 KB

Example of completed exposure sheet (XLS)

Size: 47 KB

Blank Daily Exposure Sheet (XLS)

Size: 45.5 KB

HAVS measurement database (XLSX)

Size: 61.13 KB

HAVS assessor list (PDF)

Size: 46.77 KB

Trade Union Completed Workplace Inspection Reports

38 Harbour Road, Inverness (10/07/2014) (PDF)

Size: 197.46 KB

38 Harbour Road, Inverness (31/03/2015) (PDF)

Size: 3.19 MB

Alness Depot (outline proposals) (PDF)

Size: 198.46 KB

Alness Depot (06/08/2014) (PDF)

Size: 999.03 KB

Alness Depot (28/04/2015) (PDF)

Size: 1.89 MB

Alness Depot (28/10/2015) (PDF)

Size: 3.27 MB

Alness Depot (28/10/2015) - Action Plan (PDF)

Size: 71.68 KB

Alness Depot (20/07/2016) (PDF)

Size: 539.91 KB

Alness Depot (20/07/2016) - Action Plan (PDF)

Size: 196.28 KB

Avonlea (03/11/2015) (PDF)

Size: 150.98 KB

Broadford Service Point (09/04/2015) (PDF)

Size: 134.98 KB

Broadford Service Point (09/12/2015) (PDF)

Size: 145.58 KB

Caithness House (15/09/2015) (PDF)

Size: 318.62 KB

Camaghael Music and Arts Centre (within Lochaber High School) (PDF)

Size: 185.9 KB

Carrs Corner, Fort William (04/11/2014) (PDF)

Size: 2.9 MB

Carrs Corner, Fort William (16/04/2015) (PDF)

Size: 6.74 MB

Dingwall Academy (15/01/2016) (PDF)

Size: 299 KB

Dingwall Depot (11/08/2016) (PDF)

Size: 727.96 KB

Dornoch Depot (31/03/2015) (PDF)

Size: 74.4 KB

Dornoch Depot (14/10/2015) (PDF)

Size: 373.56 KB

Dornoch Depot (14/10/2015) - Action Plan (PDF)

Size: 186.15 KB

Dornoch Depot (28/09/2016) (PDF)

Size: 326.35 KB

Drummuie (06/11/2014) (PDF)

Size: 447.25 KB

Drummuie (15/07/2015) (PDF)

Size: 336.99 KB

Drummuie (16/06/2016) (PDF)

Size: 854.32 KB

Hilton Service Point (PDF)

Size: 66.43 KB

Holm Primary School (12/01/2018) (Specific Visit) (PDF)

Size: 213.96 KB

Inverness Cemetery (30/10/2015) (PDF)

Size: 310.34 KB

Inverness Cemetery (29/02/2016) (PDF)

Size: 305.72 KB

Inverness Crematorium (14/11/2016) (PDF)

Size: 428.89 KB

Inverness Crematorium (update January 2017) (PDF)

Size: 213.67 KB

Inverness Town House (26/10/2015) (PDF)

Size: 126.22 KB

Kyle Service Point (08/12/2015) (PDF)

Size: 78.08 KB

Lochaber High School (23/09/2013) (PDF)

Size: 190.17 KB

Lochaber High School (19/05/2015) (PDF)

Size: 368.37 KB

Lochaber High School - RPO Comments (19/05/2015) (PDF)

Size: 274.12 KB

Lotland Street (fire safety) (PDF)

Size: 213.65 KB

Portree Waste Transfer Station (PDF)

Size: 90.74 KB

Sconser Quarry (PDF)

Size: 88.39 KB

Skye and Lochalsh - various depots (PDF)

Size: 165.26 KB

Tarradale Primary School (17/06/2015) (PDF)

Size: 527.99 KB

The Rowans, Inverness (13/10/2015) (PDF)

Size: 71.8 KB

Thurso DLO (14/04/2015) (PDF)

Size: 3.15 MB

Thurso Depot (15/10/2015) (PDF)

Size: 1.03 MB

Thurso Depot (15/10/2015) - Action Plan (PDF)

Size: 79.75 KB

Thurso Depot (01/08/2016) (PDF)

Size: 410.76 KB

Thurso High School (Main Kitchen) (PDF)

Size: 214.14 KB

Thurso Service Point (10/07/2014) (PDF)

Size: 334.03 KB

Thurso Service Point (11/02/2016) (PDF)

Size: 351.78 KB

Thurso Waste Management Depot (PDF)

Size: 442.45 KB

Thurso Waste Depot (22/09/2016) (PDF)

Size: 343.5 KB

Tigh na Sgire, Portree (03/01/2014) (PDF)

Size: 366.34 KB

Tigh na Sgire, Portree (13/03/2015) (PDF)

Size: 64.82 KB

Tigh na Sgire, Portree (29/05/2014) (PDF)

Size: 229.2 KB

Wick DLO Depot (02/04/2015) (PDF)

Size: 65.41 KB

Wick Depot (updated) 02/04/2015 (PDF)

Size: 664.34 KB

Wick Depot (15/10/2015) (PDF)

Size: 2.37 MB

Wick Depot (15/10/2015) - Action Plan (PDF)

Size: 78.72 KB

Wick South School (23/09/15) (PDF)

Size: 184.54 KB

Wick Waste Management Depot (PDF)

Size: 1.42 MB

Wick Depot (01/08/2016) (PDF)

Size: 433.29 KB

Wick Waste Management Depot (22/09/2016) (PDF)

Size: 346.42 KB

Wick High School (03/11/2016) (PDF)

Size: 521.7 KB

Aroch Assessment Centre (10/02/2020) (PDF)

Size: 130.14 KB

Ticks and lyme disease

Information leaflet on ticks (PDF)

Size: 415.06 KB


News stories relating to Health Safety and Wellbeing at work

Long Term Conditions (PDF)

Size: 292.02 KB

FFIT-2015 (PDF)

Size: 3.75 MB

Safety Bulletin - Underground Cables (PDF)

Size: 217.08 KB

Safety Bulletin - Blue underground cables (PDF)

Size: 173.81 KB

First Aid Handy Guide (PDF)

Size: 763.43 KB

Well Now 2016 (PDF)

Size: 110.78 KB

Long Term Conditions (Dornoch) (PDF)

Size: 292.17 KB

Long Term Conditions (Dingwall) (PDF)

Size: 239.25 KB

Safety Alert - Hard Shoulder near-miss (PDF)

Size: 370.56 KB

Zika Virus Information sheet (PDF)

Size: 215.1 KB

Safety Bulletin - Cable Strike (PDF)

Size: 148.67 KB

LTC - Lunch Event invitation (PDF)

Size: 335.86 KB

LTC - Lunch Poster (JPG)

Size: 283.7 KB

Safety Alert - Electrical socket inserts (PDF)

Size: 86.59 KB

Medical Device Alert (PDF)

Size: 794.91 KB

Safety Alert - Tumble Dryers (PDF)

Size: 154.63 KB

Medical Device Alert (PDF)

Size: 161.63 KB

Safety Briefing 2,4-DNPH (PDF)

Size: 83.91 KB

Lung Cancer Awareness (PDF)

Size: 4.49 MB

Safety Brief - Product Recall (PDF)

Size: 536.56 KB

Safety Bulletin - Ladders (PDF)

Size: 194.52 KB

Safe Disposal of Batteries (PDF)

Size: 317.98 KB

safe-lifting (JPG)

Size: 1.06 MB

365-days (DOCX)

Size: 43.54 KB

SWC-womens-health (PDF)

Size: 147.15 KB

Walk a Mile 2018 (PDF)

Size: 721.38 KB

Safety Bulletin - Skin at work (PDF)

Size: 116.34 KB

BBC-experiment (PDF)

Size: 275.3 KB

New Telephone Numbers (XLSX)

Size: 10.27 KB

Safety Bulletin - Remote Control Socket Set (PDF)

Size: 118.03 KB

SMJ recall notice (PDF)

Size: 100.32 KB

Rolson Recall notice (PDF)

Size: 272.77 KB

Recall notice Schneider Circuit breakers (PDF)

Size: 1.58 MB

Safety Bulletin - Circuit Breakers (PDF)

Size: 117.67 KB

Employee Wellbeing Survey (PDF)

Size: 130.56 KB

Safety Bulletin - Vauxhall Movano Handbrake (PDF)

Size: 121 KB

World Mental Health Day Poster (DOCX)

Size: 80.18 KB

Gas Safe - Safety Alert (PDF)

Size: 155.75 KB

Safety Bulletin - Voltage Testers (PDF)

Size: 122.58 KB

Walk a Mile 2019 (PDF)

Size: 722.77 KB

Safety Bulletin - Lanyards (PDF)

Size: 267.36 KB

Safety bulletin - Emollient creams (PDF)

Size: 120.18 KB

Safety Bulletin - Socket Covers and Adapters (PDF)

Size: 146.36 KB

Prepare for Winter (DOCX)

Size: 27.1 KB

Coronavirus - Advice (DOCX)

Size: 22.86 KB

Safety Bulletin - Alcohol based sanitiser (PDF)

Size: 136.23 KB

Safety Bulletin - Safe Removal of Gloves (PDF)

Size: 333.1 KB

IRIC - Adverse incidents involving Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (DOCX)

Size: 21.69 KB

Spectrum Life (PDF)

Size: 61.72 KB

Highland Council Employee EAP Guide (PDF)

Size: 264.51 KB

Highland Council Manager EAP Guide (PDF)

Size: 203.63 KB

Highland Council EAP Poster (PDF)

Size: 559.39 KB

Online Fitness Classes - Spectrum Life (PDF)

Size: 125.85 KB

Control Covid in the Workplace (PDF)

Size: 526.67 KB

EAP - Management Referral Form (PDF)

Size: 104.74 KB

Covid-19 Face Coverings Poster (DOCX)

Size: 123.66 KB

Reopening Premises 2020 (PDF)

Size: 328.08 KB

COVID 19 Wellbeing Directory 2020 (DOCX)

Size: 121.96 KB

Service Co-ordinators 2020 (PDF)

Size: 72.75 KB

OHSW Policy v5 July 2020 (DOCX)

Size: 369.81 KB

Face coverings in the office (PDF)

Size: 900.43 KB

Safety Bulletin - Fire Safety (PDF)

Size: 107.48 KB

Covid 19 - Signage Pack (PDF)

Size: 2.17 MB

Coronavirus OHSW Advice Feb 2021 v1. (PDF)

Size: 119.89 KB

First Aid Needs Assessment Form (DOCX)

Size: 75.12 KB

LGOWIT User Guide eLearning (PDF)

Size: 997.43 KB

Minutes of Meetings

Central Safety Committee 12 March 2004.doc (DOC)

Size: 67.5 KB

Central Safety Committee 1 October 2004.doc (DOC)

Size: 56.5 KB

Central Safety Committee 2 August 2002.pdf (PDF)

Size: 25.44 KB

Central Safety Committee 6 December 2007.pdf (PDF)

Size: 16.67 KB

Central Safety Committee 6 March 2009.pdf (PDF)

Size: 18.34 KB

Central Safety Committee 7 December 2003.doc (DOC)

Size: 35 KB

Central Safety Committee 7 March 2003.pdf (PDF)

Size: 14.46 KB

Central Safety Committee 7 March 2008.pdf (PDF)

Size: 18.44 KB

Central Safety Committee 8 December 2006.pdf (PDF)

Size: 25.54 KB

Central Safety Committee 8 March 2002.pdf (PDF)

Size: 24.24 KB

Central Safety Committee 8 September 2006.pdf (PDF)

Size: 20.53 KB

Central Safety Committee 9 December 2005.pdf (PDF)

Size: 28.79 KB

Central Safety Committee 9 March 2007.pdf (PDF)

Size: 16.32 KB

Central Safety Committee 9 September 2005.pdf (PDF)

Size: 26.93 KB

Central Safety Committee 10 December 2004.doc (DOC)

Size: 58 KB

Central Safety Committee 10 March 2006.pdf (PDF)

Size: 28.95 KB

Central Safety Committee 11 March 2005.doc (DOC)

Size: 59.5 KB

Central Safety Committee 12 December 2008.pdf (PDF)

Size: 23.58 KB

Central Safety Committee 12 September 2003.doc (DOC)

Size: 49.5 KB

Central Safety Committee 12 September 2007.pdf (PDF)

Size: 17.21 KB

Central Safety Committee 13 December 2002.pdf (PDF)

Size: 20.94 KB

Central Safety Committee 14 September 2001.pdf (PDF)

Size: 21.09 KB

Central Safety Committee 15 December 2000.doc (DOC)

Size: 40 KB

Central Safety Committee 15 September.doc (DOC)

Size: 34.5 KB

Central Safety Committee 16 June 2000.doc (DOC)

Size: 34 KB

Central Safety Committee 18 June 2004.doc (DOC)

Size: 69.5 KB

Central Safety Committee 19 September 2008.pdf (PDF)

Size: 19.13 KB

Central Safety Committee 22 June 2001.pdf (PDF)

Size: 25.76 KB

Central Safety Committee 23 June 2006.pdf (PDF)

Size: 25.44 KB

Central Safety Committee 27 June 2008.pdf (PDF)

Size: 30.83 KB

CSC 2010-03-19.pdf (PDF)

Size: 35.02 KB

CSC 2010-06-18.pdf (PDF)

Size: 16.83 KB

CSC 2010-09-10.pdf (PDF)

Size: 22.98 KB

CSC 2010-12-03.pdf (PDF)

Size: 22.97 KB

CSC 2011-03-25.pdf (PDF)

Size: 59.01 KB

CSC 2011-06-17.pdf (PDF)

Size: 46.35 KB

CSC 2011-09-09.pdf (PDF)

Size: 88.96 KB

CSC 2012-03-02.pdf (PDF)

Size: 29.35 KB

CSC 2012-09-18.pdf (PDF)

Size: 38.94 KB

CSC 2013-03-08.pdf (PDF)

Size: 29.72 KB

CSC 2013-06-28.pdf (PDF)

Size: 155.94 KB

CSC 2013-09-06.pdf (PDF)

Size: 70.62 KB

CSC-2013-12-12.pdf (PDF)

Size: 164.77 KB

CSC-2014-02-07.pdf (PDF)

Size: 138.83 KB

CSC-2014-04-11.pdf (PDF)

Size: 134.36 KB

CSC-2014-08-08.pdf (PDF)

Size: 18.98 KB

CSC-2014-10-24.pdf (PDF)

Size: 146.12 KB

CSC-2015-02-06-draft.pdf (PDF)

Size: 143.03 KB

CSER-2012-02-16.pdf (PDF)

Size: 70.44 KB

CSER-2013-02-28.pdf (PDF)

Size: 187.31 KB

CSER-2013-06-06.pdf (PDF)

Size: 182.28 KB

CSER-2013-08-15.pdf (PDF)

Size: 344.37 KB

CSER-2013-11-22.pdf (PDF)

Size: 276.53 KB

CSER-2014-02-21.pdf (PDF)

Size: 218.43 KB

CSER-2014-05-29.pdf (PDF)

Size: 223.3 KB

CSER-2014-08-21.pdf (PDF)

Size: 211.11 KB

CSER-2014-11-20-draft.pdf (PDF)

Size: 242.11 KB

DI-2014-11-20-minutes.pdf (PDF)

Size: 207.99 KB

DI-2015-02-25-agenda.pdf (PDF)

Size: 120.35 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 5 May 2004.doc (DOC)

Size: 67.5 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 12 May 2004.doc (DOC)

Size: 46 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 17 March 2004.doc (DOC)

Size: 61 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 1 November 2001.pdf (PDF)

Size: 7.87 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 3 February 2005.doc (DOC)

Size: 35 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 4 August 2005.pdf (PDF)

Size: 11.92 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 4 December 2002.pdf (PDF)

Size: 7.33 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 5 October 2005.pdf (PDF)

Size: 12.21 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 6 October 2004.doc (DOC)

Size: 38 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 7 March 2002.pdf (PDF)

Size: 7.71 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 9 September 2004.doc (DOC)

Size: 32.5 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 10 March 2005.doc (DOC)

Size: 40 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 11 October 2001.pdf (PDF)

Size: 7.89 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 14 February 2002.pdf (PDF)

Size: 7.38 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 14 March 2002.pdf (PDF)

Size: 7.38 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 15 January 2003.pdf (PDF)

Size: 7.04 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 15 May 2002.pdf (PDF)

Size: 7.39 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 17 January 2002.pdf (PDF)

Size: 8.96 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 17 November 2004.doc (DOC)

Size: 33 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 19 December 2002.pdf (PDF)

Size: 7.13 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 19 May 2005.doc (DOC)

Size: 42.5 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 20 September 2001.pdf (PDF)

Size: 11.9 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 22 September 2005.pdf (PDF)

Size: 12.03 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 24 April 2002.pdf (PDF)

Size: 7.26 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 25 April 2001.pdf (PDF)

Size: 7.68 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 29 November 2001.pdf (PDF)

Size: 7.54 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 30 January 2002.pdf (PDF)

Size: 8.93 KB

Early Retirement Sub-Committee 31 May 2001.pdf (PDF)

Size: 7.87 KB

ECS-2012-05-30.pdf (PDF)

Size: 232.27 KB

ECS-2012-09-06.pdf (PDF)

Size: 222.84 KB

ECS-2012-11-28.pdf (PDF)

Size: 155.92 KB

ECS-2013-03-13.pdf (PDF)

Size: 216.91 KB

ECS-2013-04-16.pdf (PDF)

Size: 216.15 KB

ECS-2013-06-18.pdf (PDF)

Size: 223.22 KB

ECS-2013-10-31.pdf (PDF)

Size: 219.19 KB

ECS-2014-01-19.pdf (PDF)

Size: 230.51 KB

FIN-2012-10-18.pdf (PDF)

Size: 220.21 KB

FIN-2013-05-15.pdf (PDF)

Size: 149.23 KB

INBS-2012-11-30.pdf (PDF)

Size: 89.25 KB

INBS-2013-02-22.pdf (PDF)

Size: 143.91 KB

INBS-2013-06-14.pdf (PDF)

Size: 133.14 KB

INBS-2014-02-04.pdf (PDF)

Size: 136.84 KB

Joint Consultation Group 1 October 2004.doc (DOC)

Size: 70.5 KB

Joint Consultation Group 6 December 2007.pdf (PDF)

Size: 35.25 KB

Joint Consultation Group 6 March 2009.pdf (PDF)

Size: 33.96 KB

Joint Consultation Group 7 March 2003.DOC (DOC)

Size: 37 KB

Joint Consultation Group 7 March 2008.pdf (PDF)

Size: 22.23 KB

Joint Consultation Group 8 December 2006.pdf (PDF)

Size: 18.8 KB

Joint Consultation Group 8 March 2002.pdf (PDF)

Size: 19.58 KB

Joint Consultation Group 8 September 2006.pdf (PDF)

Size: 26.39 KB

Joint Consultation Group 9 December 2005.pdf (PDF)

Size: 31.4 KB

Joint Consultation Group 9 March 2007.pdf (PDF)

Size: 23.84 KB

Joint Consultation Group 9 September 2005.pdf (PDF)

Size: 32.66 KB

Joint Consultation Group 10 December 2004.doc (DOC)

Size: 57 KB

Joint Consultation Group 10 March 2006.pdf (PDF)

Size: 21.87 KB

Joint Consultation Group 11 March 2005.pdf (PDF)

Size: 30.31 KB

Joint Consultation Group 12 December 2003.DOC (DOC)

Size: 70 KB

Joint Consultation Group 12 December 2008.pdf (PDF)

Size: 32 KB

Joint Consultation Group 12 March 2004.DOC (DOC)

Size: 67 KB

Joint Consultation Group 12 September 2003.DOC (DOC)

Size: 42 KB

Joint Consultation Group 12 September 2007.pdf (PDF)

Size: 25.13 KB

Joint Consultation Group 13 December 2002.pdf (PDF)

Size: 22.12 KB

Joint Consultation Group 14 December 2001.pdf (PDF)

Size: 28.5 KB

Joint Consultation Group 14 September 2001.pdf (PDF)

Size: 19.18 KB

Joint Consultation Group 15 December 2000.DOC (DOC)

Size: 36.5 KB

Joint Consultation Group 15 September 2000.doc (DOC)

Size: 38 KB

Joint Consultation Group 17 June 2005.pdf (PDF)

Size: 30.16 KB

Joint Consultation Group 18 June 2004.DOC (DOC)

Size: 58 KB

Joint Consultation Group 19 September 2008.pdf (PDF)

Size: 35.51 KB

Joint Consultation Group 22 June 2001.DOC (DOC)

Size: 42.5 KB

Joint Consultation Group 23 June 2006.pdf (PDF)

Size: 28.67 KB

Joint Consultation Group 27 June 2008.pdf (PDF)

Size: 21.63 KB

PAD-2013-09-20.pdf (PDF)

Size: 195.27 KB

PAD-2013-11-26.pdf (PDF)

Size: 204.75 KB

RSL-2013-06-06.pdf (PDF)

Size: 33.39 KB

TECS-2012-02-21.pdf (PDF)

Size: 28.81 KB

TECS-2012-09-11.pdf (PDF)

Size: 140.64 KB

TECS-2012-12-04.pdf (PDF)

Size: 154 KB

TECS-2013-03-19.pdf (PDF)

Size: 160.87 KB

CSC 2015-08-14 (PDF)

Size: 137.49 KB

Care and Learning Health and Safety Group 4 June 2015 (DOCX)

Size: 22.08 KB

Care and Learning Health and Safety Group 3 September 2015 (DOCX)

Size: 23.63 KB

CSC 2015-02-06 (PDF)

Size: 143.03 KB

DAI-2015-09-10 (PDF)

Size: 205.05 KB

CSC-2015-10-30 (PDF)

Size: 34.67 KB

DAI-2015-02-25 (PDF)

Size: 228.29 KB

DAI-2015-05-26 (PDF)

Size: 191.66 KB

DAI-2015-11-25 (PDF)

Size: 211.41 KB

RSL-2015-09-03 (PDF)

Size: 205.05 KB

RSL-2015-06-18 (PDF)

Size: 441.14 KB

RSL-2015-03-19 (PDF)

Size: 343.09 KB

RSL-2014-12-11 (PDF)

Size: 254.33 KB

RSL-2014-09-25 (PDF)

Size: 201.25 KB

RSL-2014-06-05 (PDF)

Size: 214.54 KB

RSL-2014-03-06 (PDF)

Size: 152.31 KB

CS-2015-03-13 (PDF)

Size: 356.22 KB

CS-2015-06-26 (PDF)

Size: 141.8 KB

CS-2015-10-09 (PDF)

Size: 80.42 KB

CS-2015-12-03 (PDF)

Size: 141.53 KB

INBS-2015-01-26 (PDF)

Size: 76.42 KB

INBS-2015-05-05 (PDF)

Size: 80.09 KB

INBS-2015-08-03 (PDF)

Size: 97.04 KB

INBS-2015-10-21 (PDF)

Size: 83.12 KB

Final Minutes Care and Health and Safety Consultative Group meeting 12 November 2015 (DOCX)

Size: 42.61 KB

DAI-2016-03-10 (PDF)

Size: 203.68 KB

RSL-2016-03-03 (PDF)

Size: 336.88 KB

CAL-2016-06-02 (PDF)

Size: 149.17 KB

CAL-2016-03-03 (PDF)

Size: 155.42 KB

INBS-2016-07-27 (PDF)

Size: 128.39 KB

CSER-2016-09-01 (PDF)

Size: 214.2 KB

CSER-2016-06-02 (PDF)

Size: 206.48 KB

RSL-2016-06-02 (PDF)

Size: 269.66 KB

RSL-2016-09-01 (PDF)

Size: 358.62 KB

INBS-2016-01-13 (PDF)

Size: 82.39 KB

INBS-2016-03-23 (PDF)

Size: 139.52 KB

CSER-2016-02-25 (PDF)

Size: 64.88 KB

CSC-2016-02-05 (PDF)

Size: 16.62 KB

CSC-2016-04-22 (PDF)

Size: 21.25 KB

CAL-2016-09-08 (PDF)

Size: 225.06 KB

CAL-2016-11-10 (PDF)

Size: 141.54 KB

CSC-2017-01-20 (PDF)

Size: 135.1 KB

CSC-2016-08-12 (PDF)

Size: 189.07 KB

CSC-2016-11-04 (PDF)

Size: 147.41 KB

CSER-2016-12-01 (PDF)

Size: 230.15 KB

CSER-2016-09-01 (PDF)

Size: 214.2 KB

CAL-2017-03-23 (PDF)

Size: 227.42 KB

CSER-2017-03-02 (PDF)

Size: 211.61 KB

INBS-2016-10-05 (PDF)

Size: 128.24 KB

INBS-2016-12-21 (PDF)

Size: 136.96 KB

RSL-2017-03-09 (PDF)

Size: 207.86 KB

RSL-2016-12-01 (PDF)

Size: 344.78 KB

CAL-2017-05-25 (PDF)

Size: 218.19 KB

INBS-2017-03-22 (PDF)

Size: 148.9 KB

INBS-2017-06-21 (PDF)

Size: 105.2 KB

CSER-2017-05-25 (PDF)

Size: 152.82 KB

RSL-2017-06-08 (PDF)

Size: 446.57 KB

CS-2017-05-26 (PDF)

Size: 138.51 KB

CS-2017-02-24 (PDF)

Size: 131.39 KB

CS-2016-11-18 (PDF)

Size: 127.3 KB

CS-2016-08-26 (PDF)

Size: 124.65 KB

CS-2016-05-13 (PDF)

Size: 89.93 KB

CAL-2017-09-14 (PDF)

Size: 219.57 KB

CSER-2017-08-31 (PDF)

Size: 139.35 KB

CSER-2017-11-30 (PDF)

Size: 216.16 KB

RSL-2017-09-07 (PDF)

Size: 476.91 KB

CS-2017-08-25 (PDF)

Size: 220.01 KB

CS-2017-11-24 (PDF)

Size: 129.27 KB

INBS-2017-10-18 (PDF)

Size: 157.75 KB

CAL-2017-11-23 (PDF)

Size: 221.92 KB

CAL-2018-02-15 (PDF)

Size: 60.56 KB

CSER-2018-04-19 (PDF)

Size: 52.54 KB

CSER-2018-06-21 (PDF)

Size: 148.68 KB

CS-2018-05-25 (PDF)

Size: 203.34 KB

CS-2018-02-16 (PDF)

Size: 151.26 KB

RSL-2018-03-21 (PDF)

Size: 117.23 KB

CSC-2017-09-08 (PDF)

Size: 34.02 KB

CSC-2017-11-02 (PDF)

Size: 37.63 KB

CSC-2018-02-02 (PDF)

Size: 43.06 KB

CSC-2018-05-04 (PDF)

Size: 50.98 KB

INBS-2018-01-10 (PDF)

Size: 252.25 KB

INBS-2018-04-17 (PDF)

Size: 82.58 KB

CAL-2018-05-24 (PDF)

Size: 107.76 KB

CAL-2018-09-18 (PDF)

Size: 110.8 KB

CSER-2019-01-17 (PDF)

Size: 289.19 KB

CSER-2018-10-04 (PDF)

Size: 238.48 KB

CAL-2018-11-15 (PDF)

Size: 102.99 KB

DI-2018-05-03 (PDF)

Size: 204.75 KB

DI-2018-10-24 (PDF)

Size: 161.37 KB

RSL-2018-06-20 (PDF)

Size: 225.45 KB

RSL-2018-09-13 (PDF)

Size: 261.1 KB

RSL-2018-12-06 (PDF)

Size: 146.76 KB

CSC-2018-08-03 (PDF)

Size: 128.8 KB

CSC-2018-11-02 (PDF)

Size: 129.12 KB

CSC-2019-02-01 (PDF)

Size: 145.21 KB

DI-2018-02-09 (PDF)

Size: 199.59 KB

CSC-2019-05-03 (PDF)

Size: 135.54 KB

CL-2019-02-28 (PDF)

Size: 60.98 KB

CR-2019-01-15 (PDF)

Size: 39.32 KB

CL-2019-05-23 (PDF)

Size: 60.31 KB

CR-2019-05-30 (PDF)

Size: 84.79 KB

CR-2019-08-29 (PDF)

Size: 63.01 KB

CSER-2019-04-04 (PDF)

Size: 68.49 KB

CSER-2019-07-16 (PDF)

Size: 56.19 KB

CL-2019-08-29 (PDF)

Size: 53.5 KB

CL-2019-11-07 (DOCX)

Size: 33.31 KB

D&I 2nd October 2019 (PDF)

Size: 38.16 KB

CS 22nd November 2019 (PDF)

Size: 153.62 KB

CSER June 20 (PDF)

Size: 134.94 KB

CL- 2020-02-20 (DOCX)

Size: 23.24 KB

CAL 2020-12-04 (DOCX)

Size: 95.91 KB

ECS 2020-11-19 (DOCX)

Size: 26.55 KB

INBS-2018-06-27 (DOCX)

Size: 64.46 KB

INBS-2018-10-17 (DOCX)

Size: 41.07 KB

INBS-2019-01-09 (DOCX)

Size: 39.35 KB

INBS-2019-04-03 (DOCX)

Size: 44.17 KB

INBS-2019-06-26 (DOCX)

Size: 30.82 KB

INBS-2019-10-09 (DOCX)

Size: 27.8 KB

INBS-2020-01-15 (DOCX)

Size: 31.16 KB

INBS-2020-07-30 (DOCX)

Size: 29.06 KB

INBS-2020-10-07 (DOCX)

Size: 38.35 KB

INBS-2021-01-21 (DOCX)

Size: 35.27 KB

RSL-2019-03-21 (DOCX)

Size: 30.65 KB

RSL-2019-06-20 (DOCX)

Size: 27.65 KB

RSL-2019-09-19 (DOCX)

Size: 26.06 KB

RSL-2019-12-05 (DOCX)

Size: 32.23 KB

RSL-2020-03-19 (DOCX)

Size: 35.31 KB

RSL-2020-09-17 (DOCX)

Size: 39.89 KB

RSL-2020-12-03 (DOCX)

Size: 38.14 KB

Central Safety Committee February 2021 (DOCX)

Size: 56.69 KB

Fire Safety - Training

Fire Safety Training

Course One - Fire Development (PPTX)

Size: 13.02 MB

Course Two - Human Behaviour (PPTX)

Size: 16.74 MB

Course Three - Staff Training (PPTX)

Size: 13.52 MB

Course One Questions (DOCX)

Size: 17.4 KB

Course Two Questions (DOCX)

Size: 17.84 KB

Course Three Questions (DOCX)

Size: 19.09 KB

Driving at Work

Fleet Management Policy (PDF)

Size: 186.92 KB

Journey Planner (PDF)

Size: 177.29 KB

ROSPA Driving Tips (PDF)

Size: 1.25 MB

Step Count Challenge

Step Count Challenge Poster 1 (Fresh Air) (PDF)

Size: 95.29 KB

Step Count Challenge Poster 2 (escape) (PDF)

Size: 44.82 KB

Step Count Challenge Poster 3 (Coffee) (PDF)

Size: 48.48 KB

Step Count Challenge Poster 4 (Talk) (PDF)

Size: 127.79 KB

Top Tips (DOCX)

Size: 402.12 KB

Week 1 (DOCX)

Size: 2.7 MB

2018 Week 2 (PDF)

Size: 3.09 MB

2018 Week 5 (PDF)

Size: 3.78 MB

Week 6 (PDF)

Size: 83.5 KB

Team information

Team information

OHSW team (PDF)

Size: 42.44 KB

Service co-ordinators (DOCX)

Size: 14.37 KB

Fire Safety Folder - Documentation

Guidance and templates for Fire Safety Folders

Fire safety folder guidance (DOCX)

Size: 18.57 KB

Fire safety folder check list (XLSX)

Size: 14.22 KB

Fire safety folder index (XLSX)

Size: 13.83 KB

Fire safety folder index (with evacuation strategy) (XLSX)

Size: 13.8 KB

Policy Appendix A - Call Point locations (DOCX)

Size: 60.49 KB

Policy Appendix B - Extinguisher locations (DOCX)

Size: 59.96 KB

Policy Appendix C - Automatic fire doors (DOCX)

Size: 55.74 KB

Policy Appendix D - Fire Marshall register (XLSX)

Size: 13.4 KB

Evacuation Log (DOCX)

Size: 54.39 KB

Fire safety induction training (DOCX)

Size: 57.37 KB

Fire safety staff training (DOCX)

Size: 57.05 KB

Fire safety training register (DOCX)

Size: 16.2 KB

Small fire safety training register (DOCX)

Size: 16.71 KB

Small premises fire safety training (DOCX)

Size: 56.79 KB

Fire alarm test instructions (DOCX)

Size: 56.75 KB

Fire alarm - weekly test example (DOCX)

Size: 15.12 KB

Fire alarm - weekly test blank (DOCX)

Size: 15.71 KB

Fire detector test instructions (DOCX)

Size: 55.91 KB

Fire detector - weekly test log (DOCX)

Size: 15.94 KB

Emergency lighting - test instructions (DOCX)

Size: 55.76 KB

Emergency lighting - test log (DOCX)

Size: 15.28 KB

Emergency torch - test instructions (DOCX)

Size: 55.45 KB

Emergency torch - test log (DOCX)

Size: 15.24 KB

Fire safety - log book information (DOCX)

Size: 65.52 KB

Fire safety log book - example (DOCX)

Size: 17.47 KB

Fire safety log book - fire extinguisher and blankets (DOCX)

Size: 15.82 KB

Fire safety log book - fire hydrants (DOCX)

Size: 15.84 KB

Fire safety log book - deep fat fryer foam systems (DOCX)

Size: 15.85 KB

Fire doors (DOCX)

Size: 15.82 KB

Automatic (magnetic) self closing fire doors (DOCX)

Size: 15.83 KB

Automatic hinged opening doors (DOCX)

Size: 15.89 KB

Automatic opening doors (DOCX)

Size: 15.87 KB

Electronic locks (DOCX)

Size: 15.84 KB

Fire engineered systems (DOCX)

Size: 15.87 KB

Fire shutters (DOCX)

Size: 15.81 KB

Means of escape (DOCX)

Size: 15.88 KB

Self-closing devices (DOCX)

Size: 15.86 KB

Signage (DOCX)

Size: 15.8 KB

Smoke control (DOCX)

Size: 15.85 KB

Sprinklers (DOCX)

Size: 15.87 KB

Swing free arms (DOCX)

Size: 15.84 KB

Walk through (DOCX)

Size: 15.95 KB

Fire extinguisher key (DOCX)

Size: 62.84 KB

Fire policy - electrical supply inspection information (DOCX)

Size: 59.8 KB

Fire policy - PAT (DOCX)

Size: 60.03 KB

Hot work permit - buildings (DOCX)

Size: 59.13 KB

Hot work permit - compactors (DOCX)

Size: 58.75 KB

Hot work permit - general (DOCX)

Size: 59.31 KB

Hot work permit - motor vehicle (DOCX)

Size: 58.84 KB


Size: 53.31 KB


Policy and guidance sheets on work related driving

Accidents and incidents (PDF)

Size: 322.52 KB

Car Ergonomics (PDF)

Size: 470.77 KB

Car Hire FAQ (PDF)

Size: 358.61 KB

Child Car Seats (PDF)

Size: 195.66 KB

Cyclist safety (PDF)

Size: 292.59 KB

Driver checks (PDF)

Size: 292.51 KB

Driver - Insurance declaration (DOC)

Size: 79 KB

Environmental issues (PDF)

Size: 281.98 KB

Fatigue (PDF)

Size: 266.09 KB

Fitness to drive (PDF)

Size: 404.19 KB

Fleet drivers hours (PDF)

Size: 338.74 KB

Journey Planner (PDF)

Size: 214.25 KB

Mobile phones and hand-held devices (PDF)

Size: 276.39 KB

Motorcycles and Bicycles (PDF)

Size: 235.62 KB

Night driving (PDF)

Size: 145.52 KB

Passengers with Oxygen (PDF)

Size: 232.19 KB

Risk Assessment (MORR) (PDF)

Size: 373.6 KB

Risk Assessment - guidance (PDF)

Size: 85.16 KB

Safe Driving (PDF)

Size: 289.65 KB

Winter Driving (PDF)

Size: 334.17 KB

MORR Policy and Guidance (PDF)

Size: 407.8 KB

Policies and Procedures (DOCX)

Size: 311.58 KB

Country road driving (DOCX)

Size: 795.15 KB

Stress Awareness Day

Downloads, guides and factsheets for NSAD

7-positives (PDF)

Size: 75.03 KB

Facts-about-stress (PDF)

Size: 167.83 KB

How important is your worry (PDF)

Size: 92.25 KB

How to identify stress (PDF)

Size: 88.3 KB

60 second tranquiliser (PDF)

Size: 68.57 KB

Top ten stress busting tips (PDF)

Size: 66.56 KB

Wheel of Life (PDF)

Size: 106.71 KB

Your wellbeing guide (PDF)

Size: 1.8 MB

Stress questionnaire (PDF)

Size: 163.21 KB

Safety and Security

Information, Resources, Training

HGV Security (NaCTSO Poster) (PDF)

Size: 1.54 MB

Mail Handling Advice (Police Scotland) (PDF)

Size: 141.26 KB

Run Hide Tell Poster (PDF)

Size: 167.79 KB

Stay Safe (leaflet) (DOC)

Size: 1.45 MB

Counter Terrorism Awareness Week (PDF)

Size: 257.34 KB

GraSP Action Plan (XLSX)

Size: 22.85 KB

Training and Resources (XLSX)

Size: 16.83 KB

Suspicious Items - what to look for (PDF)

Size: 113.46 KB

Counter Terrorism Awareness (PDF)

Size: 2.25 MB

Make Nothing Happen - Poster (PDF)

Size: 75.02 KB

Make Nothing Happen - Poster (2) (PDF)

Size: 74.77 KB

Election Security (PDF)

Size: 444.88 KB

Password security (PDF)

Size: 287.73 KB

10 steps to Cyber Security (PDF)

Size: 400.97 KB

Managing information risk (PDF)

Size: 289.08 KB

Combat Cyber attacks (PDF)

Size: 277.04 KB

Ransomware-2017-06-28 (DOCX)

Size: 209.16 KB

Suspect Packages (PDF)

Size: 402.25 KB

Suspicious items (HOT) (PDF)

Size: 113.47 KB

Security Threat Evacuation Plan (DOCX)

Size: 207.77 KB

Protect Scotland 18 August 2017 (PDF)

Size: 489.09 KB

Staff Messaging Policy 2017 (DOC)

Size: 80 KB

Protective-Security-Signposting (PDF)

Size: 367.48 KB

Little Book of Cyber Scams (PDF)

Size: 2.95 MB

Cyber Threat to UK Business (PDF)

Size: 3.59 MB

Staff Messaging Policy (PDF)

Size: 136.44 KB

Online Safety (PDF)

Size: 240.63 KB

Public Sector Action Plan Newsletter (PDF)

Size: 310.73 KB

Phishing attacks - defending your organisation (PDF)

Size: 1.27 MB

Phishing - Guidance (PDF)

Size: 558.85 KB

Phishing - Case Study (PDF)

Size: 816.15 KB

Guide to examining identity documents (PDF)

Size: 5.04 MB

Pre-employment screening ID check guidance (PDF)

Size: 3.57 MB

New UK Passport design (PDF)

Size: 3.17 MB

The Little Book of Big Scams (PDF)

Size: 1.66 MB



PPE Guidance 2017 (PDF)

Size: 427.68 KB

Guidance on Eye Protection (PDF)

Size: 535.85 KB

Head Protection - What users need to know (PDF)

Size: 395.63 KB

Head Protection - Specifications (PDF)

Size: 393.02 KB

Hand Protection - Guidance (PDF)

Size: 345.4 KB

Hand Protection - Selection and maintenance (PDF)

Size: 338.23 KB

Hand Protection - Selection (Purchase and use) (PDF)

Size: 414.59 KB

Foot Protection - Risk Assessment (PDF)

Size: 392.76 KB

Foot Protection - Specifications (PDF)

Size: 430.25 KB

Foot Protection - Inspection and maintenance (PDF)

Size: 387.08 KB

Foot Protection - What to look for (PDF)

Size: 338.85 KB

Foot protection - Taking care of your feet (PDF)

Size: 346.95 KB

Respiratory Protection (PDF)

Size: 343.85 KB

Management of Hearing Protection (PDF)

Size: 150.85 KB

Types of Hearing Protection (PDF)

Size: 21.81 KB

Selection of Hearing Protection (PDF)

Size: 82.57 KB

Fitting Hearing Protection (PDF)

Size: 322.23 KB

Maintenance of Hearing Protection (PDF)

Size: 94.6 KB

Body Protection - Information for users (PDF)

Size: 327.42 KB

Selection of Body Protection (PDF)

Size: 304.23 KB

PPE for School Crossing Patrollers (PDF)

Size: 289.19 KB

PPE CE Certificate Checklist (PDF)

Size: 602.55 KB

Face Mask or Face Covering (PDF)

Size: 65.17 KB

Building security and evacuation plans

Bonar Bridge Primary School (PDF)

Size: 211.82 KB

Brora Primary school (DOCX)

Size: 208.3 KB

Caithness House, Market Place, Wick (DOCX)

Size: 210.75 KB

Dingwall Council Offices (PDF)

Size: 120.09 KB

Dochfour Drive Hutted Accommodation (PDF)

Size: 146.6 KB

Dornoch Academy (PDF)

Size: 210.76 KB

Dornoch Primary School (PDF)

Size: 210.89 KB

Highland Council Headquarters Building Access Policy (PDF)

Size: 343.62 KB

Highland Council Town House Building Access Policy (PDF)

Size: 347.37 KB

Mallaig High School Residence (DOCX)

Size: 208.43 KB

Revenues Office, 4/6 Courthouse Lane, Nairn (DOCX)

Size: 67.35 KB

Fire Safety

Practical Fire Safety Guidance

Care Homes (PDF)

Size: 661.83 KB

Non residential premises (PDF)

Size: 801.59 KB

Healthcare premises (PDF)

Size: 242.86 KB

Evacuation - Disabled Persons (PDF)

Size: 136.86 KB

Practical Fire Safety Guidance (PDF)

Size: 647.06 KB

Gauze Mats


Philip Harris (PDF)

Size: 265 KB

Scientific and Chemical 1 (PDF)

Size: 128.58 KB

Scientific and Chemical 2 (PDF)

Size: 115.6 KB


Size: 100.12 KB


Size: 124.39 KB

Winter Safety

Winter safety advice

Preparing your property for winter (DOCX)

Size: 20.79 KB

Winter Weather Working (PDF)

Size: 140.05 KB

Winter Driving (PDF)

Size: 154.2 KB

Safety Bulletin - Weather Warnings (PDF)

Size: 131.96 KB

Toolbox Talks

Toolbox talks for staff

Mental Health and Wellbeing (DOCX)

Size: 49.56 KB

Stress (DOCX)

Size: 46.71 KB

Depression (DOCX)

Size: 47.81 KB


Wellbeing strategy and action plan

Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2021 (PDF)

Size: 261.94 KB

Health Promotion Plan (PDF)

Size: 116.82 KB

Advice on productivity and wellbeing (Posturite) (PDF)

Size: 870.74 KB

Long Term Conditions

Train the Trainer (PDF)

Size: 266.83 KB


SIPP - Flyer (DOCX)

Size: 15.98 KB

SIPP - Application (DOCX)

Size: 62.61 KB

Travel Health

Travel Health (PPTX)

Size: 6.64 MB

Medications Abroad (PDF)

Size: 25.28 KB

Malaria - Factsheet (PDF)

Size: 457.45 KB

Malaria - Poster (PDF)

Size: 391.69 KB

Mosquito bite prevention (PDF)

Size: 439.52 KB

Vaccinations (PDF)

Size: 1.27 MB

Skin care (PDF)

Size: 597.85 KB


Poster - Building Entrance (PDF)

Size: 1.42 MB

Poster - General Public Information (PDF)

Size: 196.28 KB

Poster - Education (PDF)

Size: 139.24 KB

Hand Washing (PDF)

Size: 170.33 KB

International SOS Novel Corona virus (PDF)

Size: 268.85 KB

ISOS - Cover Cough (PDF)

Size: 616.42 KB

Personal Hygiene (PDF)

Size: 928.82 KB

Stay Well (PDF)

Size: 554.96 KB

Staff Guidance (PDF)

Size: 83.48 KB

Workplace Advice (PDF)

Size: 113.56 KB

School Trips (PDF)

Size: 82.85 KB

Returning Travellers (PDF)

Size: 121.8 KB

Hand Washing (PDF)

Size: 69.45 KB

Absence from Work (PDF)

Size: 75.73 KB

HSE - Current Covid 19 Health & Safety Policies (DOCX)

Size: 83.18 KB

HSE - Social Distancing in Scotland (PDF)

Size: 58.95 KB

Highland Council Covid-19 Signage Pack (PDF)

Size: 6.73 MB

Control Covid in the Workplace (PDF)

Size: 526.68 KB

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook Fill-In (PDF)

Size: 1.02 MB