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Above Travel Request Site link to be used for booking of accommodation, car hire and public transport.  Car Club and Train Travel can now be booked under self-service, providing flexibility and ease of booking.  Please use the Travel Cost Calculator for guidance on the most economical travel method.   

For users unable to access above link for Travel Request Site (curriculum machines, or working within partner agency sites), please complete the offline Travel Request form 

Requests submitted after 4pm may be picked up the following day. 

Approvers - it is not possible to approve or reject tasks using Outlook Online version.  Please open your desktop Outlook (usually located within your computers Start menu) to approve or reject travel requests submitted by members of your team. 

Fleet, Hire and Travel team do not deal with reimbursment of 'out of pocket' expenses relating to travel or accommodation.  This can be claimed through MyView.  Where practical, any expenses of this kind should first be discussed with your line manager or budget holder.  For any queries relating to MyView, please contact Payroll in the first instance.   

Is Travel Necessary/Can Costs be Reduced?

  • Can the meeting organiser move a meeting to allow a later start to a meeting to make travel in one-day more feasible?  Do you have a colleague with a base location closer to the area you intend to travel to?
  • Is there anyone else travelling from your location (or nearby) to the same event, or to the same location?  You can also check on the Highland Liftshare Portal to view any possible similar journeys.
  • Have you booked a Car Club vehicle?  If none are available, have you requested the hire car to be delivered to your base location?  Home delivery should only be chosen in exceptional circumstances, and should have agreement from the budget holder due to the extra costs. 
  • Can you swap your journey for 'Green Travel' - i.e. travel by foot or bike if practical?
  • Is there VC (video conferencing) for your meeting/event?  With a webcam, and a headset, you can use Skype for Business/Communicator to have a face-to-face contact with colleagues in other areas, and reduce travel.
  • Have you assesed the benefits to The Highland Council or your own development against the time and cost of travel?

Print out/have available your travel documents when you travel as you will frequently need the information to be able to check-in – no evidence and the hotel might request payment at the time of checking-in so you could incur additional costs.  If accommodation has been booked through Corporate Travel Management (CTM), there are rare occasions where the hotel have asked for payment from the guest staying - please note number below which is also contained within booking confirmation sent out.  If payment is requested, please decline to pay and contact CTM directly to rectify this. 

Useful Contacts

  • Car Club - 0345 2669290 (Enterprise)
    • All Car Club enquiries should be directed here.  Open 24/7 in case of emergencies or any issue out-with business hours. 
  • Scotrail Business Direct 0344 811 0144 - 

    • For all queries relating to rail tickets purchased through self-service.  Please contact Fleet, Hire and Travel team to register for self-service.

  • Corporate Travel Management (CTM - previously named Redfern) - 01274 760650 (out of hours emergency contact - 01274 726424)

    • This should only be called in emergency or where there is a discrepancy with Hotel - e.g. billing the guest instead of what has been agreed on booking confirmation.  Fleet, Hire and Travel team will make all bookings - please submit a Travel Request in the usual manner.   

  • Car Hire Providers

    • Contact details for all car hire providers will be contained on booking confirmation and within the vehicle, including numbers to be contacted for roadside assistance and out of hours emergency.  Hirers should deal directly with the supplier to share DVLA code as requested - please ensure you provide an email address you have access to between requesting and hire date, as this may be used by the hire supplier to contact you.   

  • Fleet, Hire and Travel Desk - 01463 702311 -

    • For all other enquiries.  Core office hours only.