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Procurement - how to order

Covid-19 Supplies Ordering

Procurement of Supplies in response to Covid-19

A new centralised procurement process was implemented by The Highland Council on 6th May 2020.

Please read the guidance and links provided below prior to making a request for items within the product categories covered by this process, and regularly thereafter for any updates.

Why this process is necessary

The process was introduced to support Highland Council’s procurement within specific product categories in response to Covid-19.

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has presented supply difficulties and increasing product prices. Highland Council to undertake more effective procurement, stock and finance management.

Who it applies to

The process applies to all Highland Council Services. The process also applies to the network of Humanitarian Assessment Centres operating across the Highlands.

The process also applies to those Service Teams which would typically go to their local Council Store. For 6 product categories – masks, eye protection, gloves, aprons, sanitiser, and overshoes – the procedure must be followed. For all other product categories, the Council Stores and Service Teams should continue with existing practice.

What product categories are covered by this process

  • Masks
  • Eye protection
  • Gloves
  • Aprons
  • Sanitiser
  • Overshoes

Guidance for determining what supplies are needed 

Advice concerning appropriate practice and products evolves. Scottish Government and Health Protection Scotland guidance should be followed. Please continue to check these sources – both have published a range of guidance which is regularly updated.

Highland Council’s Coronavirus – Covid-19 Intranet page provides access to a range of additional information to support the health, safety and wellbeing of all staff.

When in the workplace staff must always be aware of the situation and environment they are going into, even more particularly during this Covid-19 period. Staff should not place themselves in a position of danger. Staff should assess each situation and make a live risk assessment.

Steps to consider:

  • Elimination – don’t undertake the task, remove yourself from the situation completely or don’t enter into it in the first place.
  • Substitution – can something else be done that will achieve the same or broadly the same outcome if that is appropriate and removes the risk?
  • Ensure that good hygiene practices and infection prevention and control measures are implemented.
  • Engineering controls - Examples could include making changes to minimise contact such as physical barriers, markings or changing the placement of equipment or seating to maintain a 2-metre distance.
  • Administrative controls - signage/warnings and/or changes in working practices such as procedures / guidance / rules / training to maintain social distancing.
  • Personal protective equipment.

Where none of the first 5 levels of action achieve either complete mitigation of the risk or reduction to satisfactory levels, then PPE should be considered to provide sufficient protection so as to reduce the risk to acceptable levels (with specific regard to this procurement process, this refers to the use of items to guard against Covid-19 infection).

Making a request for supplies during the Covid-19 period

To request items from the 6 product categories covered by this process please complete the request form and email it to your Single Point of Contact, copied to their Deputy.  A list of Single Points of Contact and their Deputies can be accessed here. Please select your items from the catalogue link provided below.

If your team, and corresponding Single Point of Contact/Deputy, is not specified within the listing please send the relevant information, approved by your Head of Service, to and wait for confirmation that they have been incorporated into the authorised list before making an attempt to make supplies request.

Each Service can determine who is permitted to create a request and email it to your Single Point of Contact, copied to their Deputy.  Please also note the requester (i.e. the person submitting the request form) and the Single Point of Contact cannot be the same person.

Should you need advice concerning the appropriate specification of products to select please contact in the first instance.

When creating a request please avoid bulk buying of these product categories as supplies may be under strain and bulk buying will exacerbate any supply issue. Please construct an order for 2-3 weeks of anticipated use – a fresh order can be submitted in due course.


Request Form     TEC Warehouse Covid-19 Supplies Catalogue

Order Deliveries 

All orders will initially be delivered by suppliers to Diriebught Depot and distributed throughout the Council network from there. The current delivery schedule is:

Inverness – within 5 mile radius of town Daily Daily
Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey Friday Once per week
Ross-shire: Dingwall – Tain; Black Isle Monday Once per week
Caithness / East Sutherland (Tain north to Thurso) Thursday Once per week
Sutherland & Wester Ross Tuesday Once per week
Fort William & Lochaber Wednesday Once per week
Skye & Lochalsh Friday Once per week

During the Covid-19 period it is expected that there will, on occasion, be delays in securing some items from suppliers. It is advisable to place requests for Covid-19 supplies in good time ahead of the anticipated need.

Should you have a query about the progress of your order once it has been raised in Integra, the two avenues to check will be: has the budget holder approved the order in Integra and if so, then contact the Logistics Team via   

Subsequently, upon receipt of goods, please pass the delivery note onto you support staff to allow the receipting of goods within Integra.