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Firstly, you should complete an Expression of Interest form which will be forwarded to your Local Development Officer who has responsibility for your area, the Officer will then contact you for more information regarding your project.

General Applicant Guidance can be found on the Scottish Rural Network website.

To enable projects to comply with Fairer Highland/Equalities, the following documents have been developed:

Development Websites & Web Content

Engaging Communities

Holding Public Event 

Producing Publications & Printed Material


 A funding summary for each area can be found here.

If projects are deemed eligible at Expression of Interest stage, applicants will need to complete a paper version of the application form before submitting formally through the Scottish Government's online system.  

Below are the deadline dates for pre-application/full applications and meetings dates for Local Area Partnerships and the Strategic LAG:

Area Latest date for submission
of final application form
Meeting Date
Inner Moray Firth North    
Inner Moray Firth South    
Lochaber 4th July 2017
26th September 2017
29th August 2017
21st November 2017
Skye Passed
30 September 2017
31st August 2017
30th November 2017

Wster Ross, Lochalsh &

28th September 2017
27th December 2017
29th March 2018
28th June 2018
27th September 2018

28 November 2017
27th February 2018
29th May 2018
28th August 2018
27th November 2018

Highland Wide Projects    
Cooperation Projects    
Rural Enterprise & 
Farm Diversification