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In times of severe weather or other emergency, the health, wellbeing and safety of pupils, staff and other users of the school building are of prime concern. These factors are taken into consideration by the Head Teacher when deciding to close a school.

There are a variety of ways to find out whether a particular school building is closed:

  • Schools Telephone Information Line is available for users who may not have web access. This is given highest priority in communicating school closures to parents.

    This service gives callers access to the latest pre-recorded message(s) from the Head Teacher. The telephone number is 0870 054 6999, followed by the school's PIN* when prompted.

    *List of School's unique PIN Numbers (105kb pdf) - get free PDF reader software from the Adobe website
  • Local Radio Broadcasts may also issue news and weather bulletins. Please do not telephone local radio for advice, but listen to appropriate broadcasts.
  • School Closures Online has been designed to provide you with information in relation to the temporary closure of school buildings due to weather or other circumstances. School building closures are listed below. Please use the drop down menus to find your school and click on the school name underlined to find out further details on the reason for closure. The list will be refreshed at 3:00pm in order to allow schools to update their closure status.