This is the arms length website of The Highland Council, it aims to promote the outdoors of the Highlands - a world class place to live, work and play.   The legal/statutory functions of the authority are covered on the Councils Countryside Access website.

For enquiries about paths, signage or access matters please see Access Officer contact details here or email .

A range of matters like dog fouling, litter, pavement defects, play park damage etc. can be reported at

Latest news

Phase 3 of the Covid Route Map out of Lockdown

The Scottish Government has issued new guidance in line with its route map through and out of the Covid crisis.

Highland Council issues Covid-19 outdoor access guidance

The Highland Council’s Access Officers have become aware of several illegal ad hoc signs appearing on paths and access routes saying that they are closed.

Great Glen Way Springs Back

Highland Council teams have started back at work on the Great Glen Way.

High Life Highland Rangers

The Highland Council Countryside Ranger Service moved over to High Life Highland in October 2017. Rangers run many events and guided walks for families, children, local communities and visitors.

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