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Reading, writing, counting

Pupil reading a book in the classroom

If you are to back-up the teacher’s instructions you have to be able to tell the children what some of the key concepts are. This includes basic vocabulary for helping them to read, write and count. This module provides simple information on these activities.


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Tha sinn a' dol a leughadh ...

We are going to read ...

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A Mhoraig, leugh a' chiad duilleag ...

Morag, read the first page ...

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A Sheumais, lean thus' i

James, follow after her

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A Mhàiri, thusa a-nise

Now you, Mary

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Stadaidh sinn aig an-sin

We'll stop there

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Dè a tha seo a' ciallachadh?

What does this mean?

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A bheil cuimhne agaibh air na thuirt an tidsear ...

Do you remember what the teacher said


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A' cunntadh


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A' leughadh


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A' sgriobhadh


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A' bruidhinn


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Ag èisteachd


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A' seinn


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A' dannsa


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A' cluiche


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A' tarraing dhealbh


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Tha sinn a' dol a chunntadh ...

We're going to count ...

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Tha sinn a' dol a sgrìobhadh ...

We're going to write ...

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