Ready for winter

School closures, weather updates and travel information

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Brown bin collections

Garden waste collections stop for 3 months from the beginning of December.

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Equality Outcomes Consultation

Help us in our work on equality and diversity.

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Avian Influenza protection measures

Avian Influenza Prevention Zone declared in response to spread of H5N8 in Europe.

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​Winter roads plan for Nairn area approved 

7 Dec 2016

Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians in Nairn are urged to be aware of The Highland Council’s gritting plans in the local area over the winter months.

Nairnshire Committee confirms local priorities

7 Dec 2016

Members of the Nairnshire Committee have drawn up and agreed a set of strategic council priorities for the area to ensure that local needs and issues are taken into account by the Council as a whole.