Live winter vehicle tracker

Current location of gritters in Highland

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Road construction consent

How to get consent for a new road or an extension of an existing road

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Works under way for new Nairn High Street crossing

22 Mar 2019

A new pedestrian crossing aims to provide a safer High Street for Nairn town centre as works progress on Nairn Courthouse renovations.

Scottish Highland emergency services team up with construction to keep workers safe on roads

21 Mar 2019

Around 120 apprentices and staff in the construction industry attended crucial road safety training in Inverness this week to help protect them from dangerous road accidents on their daily commute to work.

Temporary road closures in Inverness during parade

21 Mar 2019

The Highland Council is advising all road users that a number of temporary road restrictions will be in place in Inverness during the afternoon of Saturday 23 March 2019.