Active and Sustainable Travel

Why choose active and sustainable travel?

Active travel is a journey with an element of being active: walking, wheeling, cycling and public transport (because it includes a walk or cycle). Lift-sharing is also a great way to reduce car use and make parking easier, and can also give you a chance for a walk. These journeys are also better for the environment, so are more sustainable.

Choosing active and sustainable travel for your everyday journeys is good for:

  • your mental and physical health - exercise prevents and treats many diseases and lifts your mood
  • your pocket - walking and cycling are much cheaper than running a car or a second car
  • your community - fewer car movements make our streets cleaner and safer for everyone
  • essential car users - helps leave road space and parking available for those who need to drive
  • fairness - people who are least well off, people with certain disabilities, women, the elderly and the young are all less likely to drive so investment in active and sustainable travel gives them more travel independence
  • the environment - fewer car journeys means lower localised air pollution and carbon emissions

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