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Apply to adopt

We are looking for adopters who can provide a loving, safe, secure and permanent home for children who cannot be looked after by their birth families.  Like foster carers, adoptive parents come from a variety of backgrounds and applicants are welcomed regardless of their relationship status, sexuality, beliefs or ethnicity.

Most children who are placed with adoptive parents have lived with their birth families.  This will always be part of their history.  Some will have had positive relationships which need to continue in some form after the adoption. 

For a small number of children it is not safe for them to return to the care of their parents and in these situations temporary carers look after the children until permanence plans are made for the remainder of their childhood. Relatives will be considered to care for the child permanently and if no one suitable is identified then depending on the child or young person’s age permanent foster care or adoption will be the plan for the child.

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Adoptive parents need to be open and accepting of their child and need to know about their background, identity and why they are adopted.

We need adoptive parents for:

  • Brothers and sisters
  • School aged children
  • Children and babies with disabilities or ill health
  • Toddlers with uncertain development
  • Children of mixed parentage

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The process of enquiry to approval 

You can make an initial enquiry using the online form below. We will then arrange a telephone interview with you to gather more information. If we agree to proceed with your enquiry we would arrange a home visit to discuss the process further and answer any questions in more detail with members of your household.

If you want to proceed we would invite you to an adoption preparation course. This is an opportunity to learn more about adoption,  meet other adoptive parents, hear about the children who are waiting for adoption and discuss whether adoption is right for you.

If you decide this is right for you and your family, you can make a full application.

The assessment process from enquiry to approval does need a huge commitment and at any stage you can decide whether it is right for you or not to continue with the process.

Once the assessment is complete it is presented to the Adoption and Permanence Panel and the final decision regarding your approval is made by the Agency Decision Maker.

Adopting a child is one of the most challenging, but also one of the most rewarding things you can ever do. It is life changing for everyone involved.

Smoking - if anyone in your household smokes you will not be approved to care for children under 5 years,  who have complex health needs or breathing problems as they cannot be placed with you due to the potential impact on their health and development.

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