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What you need to know

Don’t forget

The Great Glen Way passes through some remote areas of countryside. Please ensure that you take proper precautions when out on the route and prepare for your day's walk appropriately.

You will be one of many users of the Great Glen Way. Please follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code at all times. A single careless act can strain the goodwill of the owners and tenants whose livelihoods depend on the countryside you are walking through. 

Always plan your day to be within your capability. 

Let someone know where you are going each day and what time you expect to be back. 

Always check the Great Glen Way website for any closures or diversions. If you do not have internet access when in the Glen, please contact the Rangers or ask your accommodation provider to check for you. 

Make a note of where you can refill your water bottles. If you are walking through a remote area, make sure you take enough for the day. If it is going to be a hot day, take extra. 

Bear in mind that people live and work along the route. Please allow them their privacy and try not to disturb them unless it is an emergency. 

Please note mobile phones do not work at all points along the route and should not be relied upon. There are public telephones available in the villages the route passes through. 

The Great Glen Way crosses the A82 and other major Highland roads. Please take care when crossing the roads and walking on pavements. Keep an eye out for traffic. 

Although the route is considered low level, bear in mind that the weather can be unpredictable. Make sure you are well prepared and equipped for poor weather conditions, even during the summer months. This may include stout footwear and wet weather clothing. 

It is advisable to know how to read a map and compass and to have a basic knowledge of first aid.