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Access and camping along the Great Glen Way



Wild camping is permitted along the Great Glen Way (Under the Land Reform [Scotland] Act 2003) so long as campers adhere to certain guidelines set out in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code:

When wild camping consider the following:

  • Minimise the impact of your stay by camping for no more than 3 nights in one camping spot.
  • Avoid overcrowding. Keep groups small, quiet and well away from buildings, roads or historic structures.
  • Litter. Take away all of your rubbish and consider picking up other litter as well.
  • Toilet waste. If public toilets aren’t available, carry a trowel and bury your faeces.
  • Clean water. When you need to go to the toilet, do so well away from open water, rivers and streams.
  • Lighting fires. Never cut down or damage trees.
  • Use a stove if possible. If you must have an open fire keep it small and under control and remove all traces before leaving.
  • Be considerate. Avoid causing problems for land managers. Do not camp in enclosed fields of crops or farm animals.


Read more guidance on the Outdoor Access website

There are formal campsites at:

  • Fort William
  • Gairlochy
  • Invergarry
  • Fort Augustus
  • Drumnadrochit
  • Wester Laide
  • Inverness


You only have access rights if you exercise them responsibly.

Know the code before you go....

• Take responsibility for your actions

• Respect the interests of others

• Care for the environment

Find out more at the Scottish Outdoor Access website or phone Scottish Natural Heritage on 01463 725000.


Access For All

A high percentage of the route is to ‘Access for All’ standard. For a list of the sections that can be accessed please contact the Great Glen Way Officers.



Access rights under the Land Reform [Scotland] Act 2003 extend to horse riding. For more information about your access rights and responsibilities, visit the Scottish Outdoor Access website or phone Scottish Natural Heritage on 01463 725000 for a full copy of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

You can also find information about responsible riding from the British Horse Society Scotland website

Details on access to the GGW by horse can be found here.


Dogs are welcome on the Great Glen Way provided they are under close control. During the lambing season, which occurs between the 1st of April and 31st of May, they should be on a lead when crossing areas containing livestock and you should follow any signage. Avoid fields where livestock with young are present. If this is not possible you should only proceed with extreme caution. Always consult the Access Code before undertaking your visit.