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Record details

Project title Dunbeath Broch Project
Applicant Berriedale & Dunbeath Community Council
Approved costs £55,014.00
Approved grant £21,014.00
  • Improvements in the visitor experience
  • Improved access for residents and visitors (physical and knowledge based) to cultural, natural and heritage assets
  • Improved management/conservation/sustainability of cultural, natural and heritage assets

Berriedale and Dunbeath Community Council were awarded LEADER funding towards the cost of phase 2 of their broch project. The funds will be used to employ a professional archaeologist service to perform small-scale investigative excavations and conservation work on the structure. The project will help preserve this important piece of Scottish heritage for the benefit of locals and visitors, as well as increasing the knowledge and skills of the community through a series of workshops and an outreach programme.

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Dunbeath Broch