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Record details

Project title Hollingwells Development and Diversification Opporunity
Applicant Hollingwells
Approved costs £68,650.05
Approved grant £30,892.51
  • Improved access for residents and visitors (physical and knowledge based) to cultural, natural and heritage assets.
  • People have better access to local services and activities
  • Increased employment opportunities locally through new business start-ups and existing business diversification/development

Hollingwells were awarded funding by Highland LEADER for a project to further diversify their trekking business into equestrian tourism and training. The grant will be used to build an L-shaped stable block consisting of three stables and a storeroom, purchase a set of 8 jump competition course show jumps, as well as constructing an all-weather, rubber surfaced riding arena. The development will allow the business to offer a higher level of instruction all year round, to facilitate competitions, as well as providing a new facility previously unavailable in the area. 

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