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Record details

Project title Surf Support Building
Applicant The Rotary Club of Thurso & the North Shore Surf Club
Approved costs £133,601.00
Approved grant £107,073.26
  • Increased community ownership/control of assets and services/activities
  • Improvements in the visitor experience
  • People have better access to local services and activities

The Rotary Club of Thurso were awarded LEADER funding towards the cost of creating a surf support building, in conjunction with the North Shore Surf Club. The multi-functional facility will include outside showers/toilets, an equipment store, inside changing rooms, galley area and club room. The project seeks to capitalise on Thurso’s growing reputation as a renowned surfing destination and allow the surf club to expand and encourage more participants of all ages to surf and get involved in outdoor water pursuits.

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Rotary Club of Thurso