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Record details

Project title Glengarry Community Woodlands: Social Enterprise Development Costs
Applicant Glengarry Community Woodlands
Approved costs £29,442.90
Approved grant £21,942.90
  • Increased employment opportunities locally through new business start-ups and existing business diversification/development
  • Improved management/conservation/sustainability of cultural, natural and heritage assets
  • Increased community ownership/control of assets and services/activities

Glengarry Community Woodlands were awarded a LEADER grant to co-fund a feasibility study, business plan, and landscape/architectural design for an eco-tourist enterprise.  The proposed social enterprise will help the community woodland to deliver jobs, establish small woodland-craft industries to train young people, and generate income to invest in the community's priorities. The project will also fund the purchase of equipment necessary to process firewood grown in the community woodland to establish a regular supply of cut, split firewood that will be sold locally. 

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