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Record details

Project title Dunnet Bay Escapes
Applicant Sheila Mackay
Approved costs £95,100.00
Approved grant £47,550.00
  • People have better access to local services and activities
  • Improvements in the visitor experience
  • Increased employment opportunities locally through new business start-ups and existing business diversification/development

Sheila Mackay was awarded a LEADER grant towards the cost of installing two high-end holiday lodges on the grounds of her existing B&B business in Dunnet. The project will allow the business to fulfill the demand for accommodation in the village and by offering bed and breakfast service instead of traditional self-catering hopes to have an economic benefit to the local area through associated spend.  The increased revenue from the build project will also enable the owner to self-invest in the development of further offerings.

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Dunnet Bay Escapes