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Strategic Local Action Group

Structure and overview

The strategic LAG is responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of the Local Development Strategy.  In doing so the Strategic LAG will monitor progress with the delivery of the Highland LEADER Programme 2014-2020 and either through direct action itself or through the actions of others, ensure the delivery of the Local Development Strategy.

The Highland LEADER Programme is structured around:

• The Highland Strategic Local Action Group (LAG); and
Seven Local Area Partnerships (LAPs)

Two sub-groups:

• Rural Enterprise Group
• Highland Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG)

Two advisory groups:

• Equalities Reference Group (ERG)
• Monitoring & Evaluation Group 

Highland Strategic LAG

The Highland Strategic Local Action Group (LAG) is made up of representatives from both the public and private/voluntary/community sectors.  List of Strategic LAG members can be found here.

The Highland Strategic LAG is responsible for: 

• delivering the Local Development Strategy for Highland (link to LDS / hover over for description)
the overall management and delivery of the Highland LEADER Programme
assessing “Highland wide” projects
• assessing Cooperation projects (hover over for description of Cooperation project)

Rural Enterprise Group

The Rural Enterprise Group is responsible for assessing applications for Rural Enterprise and Farm Diversification funding.