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Terms & Conditions of Employment

Trade Unions

The Highland Council is committed to developing and maintaining good employee relations and recognises a number of trade unions for the purpose of collective bargaining at local level. Our agreed Protocol for Informing and Consulting with Highland Council Employees sets out further details.

We encourage employees to join a trade union if they so wish. Employees who are not a member of a union or a member of a non-recognised union will also be bound by locally negotiated agreements reached through the Joint Consultative Group (JCG) and the Local Negotiating Committee for Teachers (LNCT).

For information on Time off for Trade Union Duties click here

The following is a list of trade unions which are recognised by us:

01463 233 088

01463 715891

0845 384 9396

EIS (Educational Institute of Scotland)
0131 220 2268

(National Association of School Masters and Unions of Women Teachers)
0131 226 8480

Voice (formerly Professional Association of Teachers (PAT)
0131 220 8241

SSTA (Scottish Secondary Teachers Association)
0131 313 7300

UCATT (The Union of Construction, Allied and Technical Trades)
0141 420 2880

RCN (Royal College of Nursing)
0345 772 6100

CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapists)
020 7306 6666

BDA (British Dietetic Association)
0121 200 8080