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Attendance Management Policy (PDF)

Size: 282.08 KB

Code of Conduct (PDF)

Size: 614.62 KB

Councillors Code of Conduct (PDF)

Size: 141.73 KB

Disciplinary Policy (PDF)

Size: 447.5 KB

Equal Opportunities Policy (PDF)

Size: 329.72 KB

Grievance Policy (PDF)

Size: 403.29 KB

Bullying and Harassment at Work Policy (PDF)

Size: 338.93 KB

Maternity, Adoption and Parental Leave Policy (PDF)

Size: 312.85 KB

Redeployment Redundancy Policy (PDF)

Size: 308.98 KB

ERD Policy (PDF)

Size: 318.2 KB

Exit Interview Policy (PDF)

Size: 320.11 KB

Flexible Working Policy (PDF)

Size: 319.82 KB

Flexible Retirement Policy (PDF)

Size: 392.08 KB

Recruitment and Selection Policy (PDF)

Size: 321.22 KB

A to Z

Substance Misuse Guidance (PDF)

Size: 459.91 KB

Protocol for Consultation (PDF)

Size: 182.9 KB

Internal Communication Standards (PDF)

Size: 190.78 KB

ICT Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)

Size: 177.56 KB

Working Time Regulations (PDF)

Size: 73.52 KB

Working time Regs Night Work Health Questionnaire (DOCX)

Size: 586.78 KB

Professional Fees Subscriptions (PDF)

Size: 124.4 KB

Qualifications Guidance (DOC)

Size: 182.5 KB

Smoking at Work Policy (PDF)

Size: 644.06 KB

Engagement and Partnership Working Framework (PDF)

Size: 255.91 KB

MA Programme Resources Committee 30 August 2017 (PDF)

Size: 81.9 KB

Stress Management Guidance (PDF)

Size: 494.23 KB

Trade Union Facility Time - 2018-19 (PDF)

Size: 116.54 KB

Mental Health - Time to Talk Day (DOCX)

Size: 29.56 KB

Service Staffing Requirement Form including Triage (DOCX)

Size: 24.77 KB

Armed Forces Covenant - Staff Forces Network (PDF)

Size: 216.39 KB

Armed Forces Reservist Policy (PDF)

Size: 255.98 KB

Off Payroll IR35 New Guidance April 2021 (DOCX)

Size: 113.03 KB

Terms & Conditions of Employment

Working Hours Calendar (PDF)

Size: 19.27 KB

Hierarchy of Enhanced Hourly Rates (PDF)

Size: 94.84 KB

2016 2017 Grading Structure (PDF)

Size: 30.34 KB

2015 2016 Grading Structure (PDF)

Size: 30.15 KB

Standby Scheme (PDF)

Size: 82.48 KB

Acting Up Arrangements/Temporary Higher Duties (PDF)

Size: 161.67 KB

Sick Pay Allowance (PDF)

Size: 55.44 KB

Long Service Award (PDF)

Size: 44.13 KB

Overtime Policy (PDF)

Size: 171.56 KB

Travel and Subsistence Policy (PDF)

Size: 369.06 KB

Kiddivouchers (PDF)

Size: 841.37 KB

Special Leave Policy (PDF)

Size: 364.52 KB

Employment Release Scheme (PDF)

Size: 265.17 KB

Death in Service 2016 (PDF)

Size: 176.18 KB

Adverse Weather Guidance (PDF)

Size: 68.03 KB

Relocation and Removal Scheme (PDF)

Size: 124.32 KB

Emergency Contact Form (DOC)

Size: 76 KB

Personal Accident Insurance (PDF)

Size: 55.09 KB

Travel Private Use of Council Vans (PDF)

Size: 117.72 KB

Recruitment and Selection - Political Activity (PDF)

Size: 108.66 KB

Conditions of Service Package (PDF)

Size: 389.59 KB

JNC Salaries Conditions (PDF)

Size: 110.88 KB

NHS Payscales 2015 (PDF)

Size: 157.99 KB

nhs pay scales2014 (PDF)

Size: 154.19 KB

JE1 form (blank) (RTF)

Size: 111.68 KB

JE2 form (blank) (RTF)

Size: 651.87 KB

JE2 form (blank) (RTF)

Size: 651.87 KB

Factor framework Oct 2002 (PDF)

Size: 276.16 KB

Scoring matrix (PDF)

Size: 10.26 KB

Time off for Trade Union Duties (PDF)

Size: 80.26 KB

Manage Business Change and Evaluation of Posts (PDF)

Size: 84.77 KB

Scrutiny of Post Changes Form (RTF)

Size: 511.85 KB

Generic Overviews (PDF)

Size: 628.11 KB

Collective Agreement - Sept 2010 (PDF)

Size: 826.68 KB

Leave Arrangements - Parental Leave and Time off for Dependants 2015 (PDF)

Size: 90.57 KB

Leave Arrangements - Special Leave Summary 2015 (XLS)

Size: 301.5 KB

Annual Leave and Public Holiday Entitlement (PDF)

Size: 78.79 KB

Leave Arrangements - Annual Leave Calculation Night Care Staff (PDF)

Size: 193.37 KB

Special Leave Policy (PDF)

Size: 364.52 KB

2017 2018 Grading Structure (PDF)

Size: 21.08 KB

NHS Pay Scales 2016 (PDF)

Size: 121.54 KB

NHS Pay Scales 2017 (PDF)

Size: 336.44 KB

Relocation & Removal - Removal Expenses Form RR/1 (RTF)

Size: 54.37 KB

Relocation & Removal - Legal Expenses Form RR/2 (RTF)

Size: 56.48 KB

Relocation & Removal - Housing & Lodgings Assistance Form RR/3 (RTF)

Size: 58.99 KB

Relocation & Removal - Incidental Expenses Form RR/4 (RTF)

Size: 58.65 KB

Relocation & Removal - Travel Expenses Form RR/5 (RTF)

Size: 61.64 KB

Notice Periods for Teaching Staff (DOCX)

Size: 16.89 KB

Notice Periods for SJC Employees (DOCX)

Size: 13.34 KB

2018 2019 Grading Structure (PDF)

Size: 35.12 KB

NHS Circular - Pay for Agenda for Change Staff (PDF)

Size: 388.04 KB

NHS Pay Scales - 2018 (PDF)

Size: 186.94 KB

NHS Revised Pay Scales 2018 (PDF)

Size: 497.55 KB

2019 2020 Grading Structure (PDF)

Size: 35.15 KB

NHS Pay Scales 2019 (PDF)

Size: 347.86 KB

Travel - Guidance on Criteria for taking Council Vans Home (PDF)

Size: 109.72 KB

2020 2021 Grading Structure (PDF)

Size: 64.96 KB

NHS Pay Scales 2020 (PDF)

Size: 86.24 KB

Bereavement Guidance (PDF)

Size: 184.37 KB

Annual Leave Calculator (XLSX)

Size: 16.53 KB

Scrutiny Dates and Deadlines 2021 (DOCX)

Size: 13.13 KB

2021-2022 Grading Structure (PDF)

Size: 60.98 KB

NHS Pay Scales 2021 (PDF)

Size: 499.31 KB