Councillor Roger Saxon

Roger Saxon
  • Ward: 02 Thurso
  • Party: Scottish Labour Party

Contact details

Mobile: 07557 566554


  • Audit and Scrutiny Committee
  • Caithness Committee (Chair)
  • Communities and Partnerships Committee
  • Community Services Committee (Substitute)
  • North Planning Applications Committee (Substitute)
  • Planning, Development and Infrastructure Committee
  • Planning Review Body

Species Champion: Great Yellow Bumblebee

Register of interests:

Information on the exact nature of the requirement under each category can be found in the Ethical Standards in Public Life etc. (Scotland) Act 2003 (Register of Interests) Regulations and Section 4 Registration of Interests of the Councillor's Code of Conduct.

Date on which initial statement lodged: 16 May 2012.

Gifts and hospitality

Para 4.21 of Councillors' Code of Conduct

  • 24/05/2012: Scottish Council for Development and Industry Influencers Dinner addressed by Roger Hardy, Dounreay, Weigh-Inn Hotel, Thurso
  • 19/04/2013: Reception at Labour Conference Royal Highland Hotel Inverness - Hosted by ASDA
  • 30/04/2013: Attended Health Inequalities Conference at Eden Court Inverness - Lunch provided
  • 01/05/2013: Attended reception at Pentland Hotel Thurso hosted by Aon Hewitt
  • 28/03/2014: Attended a reception for Scottish Surfing Championships in Thurso
  • 28/03/2014: Guest at performance of Caithness Orchestra in Wick
  • 09/04/2014: Attended reception hosted by ERI (UHI) in Caithness Horizons Thurso
  • 01/10/2016: Dinner organised by the local Boys Brigade following conference in Thurso, partly funded by Ward Discretionary Funds
  • 06/10/2016: Presentation by SSE in Helmsdale regarding community funds from Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Ltd. Hospitality tea/coffee, sandwiches and cakes
  • 14/11/2016: Dinner hosted by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority ar Forss House Hotel, attended as Vice Chair of Dounreay Stakeholder Group
  • 14/02/2017: Dinner hosted by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) in Forss House by Thurso
  • 01/03/2017: Re-opening of the offices in Thurso
  • 27/03/2017: Dinner in MacKay’s Hotel, Wick, hosted by the NDA. 


Paras 4.3 to 4.11 of Councillors' Code of Conduct

  • Wife is a paid invigilator for Thurso High School prelims and SQA exams
  • Chair Dounreay Stakeholders Group

Related undertakings

Paras 4.12 to 4.14 of Councillors' Code of Conduct

  • None


Paras 4.15 to 4.16 of Councillors' Code of Conduct

  • None

Election expenses

Para 4.17 of Councillors' Code of Conduct

  • Constituency Labour Party £70.61

Houses,  land and buildings

Paras 4.18 to 4.19 of Councillors' Code of Conduct

  • House Owner: 73 Upper Burnside Drive, Thurso.

Shares and securities

Para 4.20 of Councillors' Code of Conduct

  • None 

Non-financial interests

Para 4.22 of Councillors' Code of Conduct

  • Caithness FM Radio - Community Radio
  • Member of Thurso Rotary Club
  • Thurso-Brilon Town Twinning Committee
  • UHI Foundation - Committee Member
  • Thurso Youth Club - Chairman
  • Programme Board for Caithness Adult Services (NHS/HQA)
  • Dounreay Stakeholders Group (Council appointment) 
  • Caithness and North Sutherland Regeneration Partnership Advisory Board (Council appointment)
  • Prospect Trade Union - Retired Member
  • Director Eden Court (Council appointment)
  • Caithness Local Access Forum (Council appointment)
  • Caithness Community Safety Partnership (Council appointment)
  • Trustee of Highland Charities Trust (Council appointment)
  • Old St Peters Kirk Preservation Association
  • Rumster Outdoor Centre Management Group
  • Member - Ormlie Community Association
  • Board Member - Caithness Horizons (Council appointment)
  • Member - Caithness Broch Project

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